Medium Pressure Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Medium Pressure Centrifugal FansMedium Pressure Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Medium pressure forward curved centrifugal fans with their motors out of the airstream are suitable for a wide range of general medium pressure and ducted applications. Whilst multi-vane impellers are for clean air, its temperature can be relatively high because the motor itself is situated in ambient conditions. With the motors being of standard industrial type, their protection class is normally IP54 or IP55.

With no restriction on motor size, the fan performance can be high for given impeller dimensions.

Speed control is possible by variable frequency inverter drive, but not generally by voltage variation. The usual consequence of trying to vary the voltage is non-linear control, pressure dependent speed, and motor over-heating. Some models require a minimum system pressure/maximum flow rate to prevent motor overheating.

High pressure centrifugal fans and those suitable for material handling are also available on request.



Designed for inline installations including industrial applications, extraction or projected air, cooling of machinery and parts, clean air transportation and many other applications.

Maximum working temperature; carried air – 130 degrees Celsius, ambient air – single Ph 50 degrees and three Ph 60 degrees.

Specials Available On Request

Also available on request within the medium pressure centrifugal fan range:

Single Inlet Medium Pressure Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Model Product Code & CurvePhaseImpeller Diameter (mm)Motor Size (kW)RPM Motorimax 230Vimax 400VWeight Motor (kg)Request a Quote
MB 12/5 M4 0,08kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan192,50,0813700.09-5
MB 12/5 T4 0,08kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan392,50,0814000,0350,25
MB 14/5 M4 0,08kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan11150,0813700,9-6
MB 14/5 T4 0,08kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan31150,0814000,0350,25
MB 16/6 M4 0,08kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan112713700,9-7,5
MB 16/6 T4 0,08kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan31270,0814000,0350,25
MB 20/8 M2 1,1kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan11611,114007,45-19
MB 20/8 T2 1,1kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan31611,128004,052,3316
MB 22/9 T2 1,1kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan31801,128004,052,3316
MB 25/10 T2 2,2kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan32032,228407,974,5825
MB 25/10 T2 3kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan32033288010,35,9238.5
MB 25/10 T4 0,75kW Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fan32030,7514102,831,6315
MB 28/11 T4 1,1kWMedium Pressure Centrifugal Fan32281,114504,332,4923

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