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Product & Industry Updates

Carbon Loading Polypropylene to Prevent Electrostatic Discharge in ATEX Environments

To avoid electrostatic discharge, plastics needs to be electrically conductive or static dissipative. The most effective way of dissipating electrostatic discharge is to add conductive carbon black to your polymer matrix.For the context of this article, we’ll consider how our existing ... Read more

The Fume Fan Specification Process

To ensure you have an accurate and comprehensive corrosion resistant fan specification in your fume extraction project documents we advise that you include the following data to allow additional stakeholders to source and find the right product for the project:     Product Name &... Read more

Corrosion Resistant ATEX Fans used for the Reduction of Waste Gases in Sulphur Recovery Units

Explosion proof fans are critical components for sulphur recovery units within oil and gas refineries. Integrated fans must be suitable to withstand extreme temperatures and provide protection against elevated levels of corrosion including high temperature corrosion, dew point corrosion, acid ... Read more

Axair’s 2023 Fundraiser: Ambulances for Ukraine

Since its incorporation in 1992, Axair has situated itself as a forward thinking, humanistic and philanthropic organisation. Charity initiatives have included community and environmental work, multiple charitable marathons runs, hair donations, gift donations, food bank contributions and ... Read more

Enhancing Precision in Fume Fan Specification: The Role of BIM, CAD, and STEP

In the realm of fume extraction systems, precision and efficiency are of paramount  importance to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants in industrial and laboratory settings. The selection of the right fume fan plays a pivotal role in the overall effectiveness of such systems. However... Read more

The Importance of Industrial Fans in 3 Common Fume Extraction Systems

A properly designed fume extraction system will collect the air that contains contaminants, make sure they are contained and taken way, and if necessary, clean the air and discharge safely into atmosphere. In this section we’ll look at the main extraction systems that you’ll come across... Read more

A Complete Guide to Fume Fan Selection in Fume Extraction Systems

The selection of an appropriate fan for a fume extraction system is crucial for achieving effective and efficient extraction. One of the most important things we’ll ask is for you to consider if you’ll ever want to speed control the fan, this will determine the voltage, whether single ... Read more

What is BS EN14175?

BS EN 14175 is a British Standard related to the safety and performance requirements of Fume cupboards. It is part of the European standard series EN 14175, which specifies safety and performance requirements for fume cupboards used in laboratories. The standard outlines essential criteria for the ... Read more

Energy Efficient Fans, MVHR and The Passivhaus Standard

The Passivhaus standard is widely recognised in the construction industry and provides specific criteria to increase the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings in line with future sustainability and net zero goals. The overall design and construction of a building including the integration... Read more

The Significance of Velocity Pressure in Selecting Fume Extraction Exhaust Fans for Ducted Systems

In fume extraction systems, ensuring the safe and efficient removal of hazardous airborne contaminants is the primary task. Properly designed exhaust fans are instrumental in achieving this objective. Among the critical factors to consider during the fan selection process, velocity pressure stands ... Read more

The Importance of Hazardous Area Classifications in ATEX Fan Selection

In many of the industries our customers operate in, there are explosive or dangerous hazards present, whether continuously, occasionally, or rarely. Hazards such as leakage of flammable gases, dangers of gases accumulating in confined spaces, release of toxic gases, or exposure to aggressive ... Read more

Mechanical Design Criteria of Fans for Explosive Atmospheres: Clearance of Rotating Parts

Section 4.4.1 of the standard EN14986:2017, known as the design of fans working in explosive atmospheres, describes how industrial fans should be designed to make them suitable for placement on the EU or UK market, in explosive atmospheres. This standard provides guidance on design, construction ... Read more

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