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NIMUS & NIMAX Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

NIMUS & NIMAX Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Available in standard, ATEX and Stainless Steel Construction

Manufacturing Features:
Medium pressure centrifugal fans with direct coupling.

Reinforced housing made of carbon laminated steel with a C3 rated polyester resin powder coating, RAL 5010.
The casing is fully latched and adjustable.

Self-cleaning turbine and reinforced impeller with high-performance backward (reaction) blades made of carbon laminated steel, dynamically balanced to minimise noise and vibrations. Black painted RAL 9005.
Motor with feet (B3) supported on motor support foot.
Models of size 500 and above are supplied with a front support foot, for the other models the front support foot is optional.
Maximum working temperature of carried air: 130ºC, Environment: 60ºC.
Available in the following orientations (to be indicated in case of order):
LG0, LG45, LG90, LG135, LG180; LG225, LG270, LG315, RD0, RD45, RD90, RD135, RD180; RD225, RD270, RD315.

Squirrel cage standardised asynchronous IEC motor with IP-55 protection and class F electrical insulation. Standard voltages 230/400V 50Hz for 3~ motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers. IE4 motors for 75kW power or higher.

Reinforced medium pressure industrial fans

Featuring High Performance Impellers for Higher Airflow Rates

The NIMUS and NIMAX range of medium pressure centrifugal fans feature high performance, reinforced impellers designed to achieve higher airflows. Impellers are made of carbon laminated steel and dynamically balanced to minimise noise and vibrations.

For Use in Medium Pressure Applications

NIMAS and NIMAX centrifugal fans are suitable for the transport of clean or dusty air and designed to be installed in various applications including paint booths, food processing, incineration, odour and pollution control and the extraction of smoke.

Available Fan Types

NIMUS/NIMAX: Medium pressure centrifugal fan with backward (reaction) blades

NIMUS/NIMAS ATEX: ATEX rated versionATEX rated fans

Suitable Applications

Designed for wall or duct installation, they are suitable for:

•Paint booths
•Collection of dust
•Food industry dryers
•Food processing
•Odour control in industry
•Indoor/outdoor pollution control
•Big buildings
•Factories/Industrial buildingsWarehouses

•Extraction of smoke
•Boilers and ovens
•Manufacture and treatment of chemical products
•Tunnels, underground stations

Available on Request

•Fans for special voltages
•2 speed motor
•C4 or C5 paint coating
•Hot dip galvanised
•Inox 304 (normal or electropolished finish)
•Inox 316 (normal or electropolished finish)
•Cooling wheel
•Anticaloric paint
•Fully welded housing (waterproof)
•Inspection door to facilitate maintenance and cleaning
•Drain plug
•Airtight axle
•Non-sparking air passage and standard motor
•Other brands of motors

Technical Data

NIMUS and NIMAX models are available with a squirrel cage, standard asynchronous IEC motor, manufactured with standard voltages; 230/400V 50Hz for three-phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers. IE4 motors are avalable for 75kW power or higher.

Fan Type Voltage
Power (kW)
Current (A)
Max Temp
IP Rating
GKHM 355-CIG.102.5HF IE Gen3 (IE5) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 2.33 3.7 at 400V 3120 40 IP54
GKHM 400-CIG.114.6FF IE Gen3 (IE5) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 4.48 7 at 400V 3170 40 IP54
GKHM 450-CIG.128.6IF IE Gen3 (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 5.9 9.05 at 400V 2950 40 IP54
GKHM 500-CIG.143.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 7.48 11.4 at 400V 2625 40 IP54
GKHM 560-CIG.160.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 6.85 10.7 at 400V 2125 40 IP54
GKHM 630-CIG.180.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 5.1 7.88 at 400V 1580 40 IP54