EHAD Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

EHAD Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Featuring External Rotor Motors 

Manufacturing Features:
Centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller.

Flow rates up to 28,000 m³/h.
Impeller sizes: 225mm - 560 mm.
Asynchronous external rotor motor.
Feet can be offset by 90°.
Protection class IP54.
Thermal class F.
Connection cable on side.
Motor protection by thermal contacts.
Speed is variable using auto transformers.

Single inlet centrifugal fans with external rotor motors

Suitable for Medium Pressure Applications

The EHAD range of single inlet centrifugal fans, manufactured by Rosenberg, have been developed especially for use in medium pressure applications such as air cleanroom ventilation, air conditioning, commercial kitchen exhaust, industrial ventilation and OEM machinery applications.

Offers Airflows up to 28,000 m³/h

EHAD medium pressure fans are available with impeller sizes from 225mm to 560mm and can provide airflows up to 28,000 m³/h. The impellers are mounted directly on the rotors of the external rotor motors and are dynamically balanced on two levels with the rotor according to quality level G 2,5 / G 6,3 as per DIN ISO 21940-11.

Available Fan Types

EHAD: Single inlet centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller: 3~ alternating current


Casings are made of galvanised sheet steel. Side parts and the spiral-shaped guide plate are connected with rivets. In the side panels, there are holes for the fixing of the feet, which can be implemented by 90°.

Up to size 400: Casing in spiral design
From size 450: Casing in rectangular form

Suitable Applications

•Cleanroom ventilation
•Air conditioning
•Commercial kitchen exhaust
•Industrial ventilation
•Industrial machinery

Technical Data

EHAD models are paired with an asynchronous external rotor motor with an IP54 protection class and thermal class F. The motors are fitted with an outgoing cable and the electrical connection is made via an IP44 terminal box which is supplied loose.