School Fume Cupboard Fan Kit – The Educational Fan Pack

Efficient fume cupboards are fundamental systems for most schools and universities, protecting staff and students from the hazardous fumes or vapours produced by science or design & technology processes. Axair have designed the perfect package to simplify the installation of a laboratory fume cupboard ventilation system, making it easier for schools and universities to protect their users.

Our Educational Fan Pack includes all of the relevant components required for an efficient, clean and safe system. Not only does it include a corrosion resistant fan with motor starter, it also features AV mounts, flexible connectors, a scroll drain, an indoor (or outdoor if preferred) pedestal and an electrical isolator.

Not only is this ideal for new build projects, it’s also the perfect choice for refurbishment and any educational facility that is looking to replacing existing systems. After all, fume cupboard systems must comply with the Governments’ Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. Under these regulations systems should be subject to regular maintenance, inspection and testing (at least every 14 months), if this hasn’t been undertaken, the system may need replacing. Our pack makes this quick, simple and easy, and the additional accessories will help to ensure your system is safely and securely installed, with added future protection. What’s more, our team of Product Engineers will undertake all of the specification work and calculations as part of our service, sizing the fan system to fit your fume cupboard and duct.

As well as saving you both sourcing and installation time, choosing an Educational Fan Pack can also save you money as this tailored package is better value than buying the fan and accessories separately.


What’s in the Complete Kit?

Customise your own complete kit by discussing the operating and duty points of your school fume cupboard with us. We’ll then decide the right polypropylene scroll, motor and inverter to meet your project airflow requirements.


Corrosion resistant fume cupboard fan pack



We have been supplying fans for the extraction of school fume cupboards for many years. Fans for this application tend to be smaller fans from our polypropylene range as schools usually service one cupboard per fan. For laboratories where there are multiple fume cupboards per fan, Axair will be able to offer a larger solution to suit. Our team of technical engineers can assist you with selecting the right fan & ancillaries for your installation.


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