ATEX Polypropylene Fans

ATEX Polypropylene Fans

Zone 2 ATEX Plastic Extract Fans

The specification and purchase of ATEX fans is difficult enough given the need to understand and meet the various directives and regulations governing their special application.

Once having found an ATEX fan that satisfies a particular risk assessment there is the added problem of trying to find a sufficient choice of fan to meet other important criteria. Axair Fans can help you avoid making the inevitable compromises by providing a greater range of ATEX fans than is available from any other source.

Our award winning moulded carbon loaded polypropylene SEAT series fans are available in ATEX Zone II, explosion proof, category 3 G execution in accordance with ATEX directive 2014/34/EU as implemented into UK legislation post Brexit. All polypropylene fans for explosive environments will be conformity assessed against UKCA EX.

To enquire about our chemical resistant ATEX fans complete the form below which contains all the legal information required to obtain an accurate quote in line with current legislation. We advise all enquirers to schedule a third party DSEAR assessment if you are unsure of any of the details required for explosive environments. We can assist with providing suppliers if required. 

S & ST Range of ATEX Polypropylene Fans

The ATEX S and ST ranges are moulded polypropylene; carbon-loaded to prevent static discharges. They are available for Category 3G Zone 2 applications and supplied with EEx nA (non-incendive) motors to order. Thermistors are available, and heaters in motors above 0,75kW rated output.

Axair SA range fans cover air flow rates up to 10000m³/h and pressures to 1500pascals. View Here: S Range – Medium pressure / high airflow

Axair STA range fans provide pressures to 2000pascals at moderate flow rates. View Here: ST Range – High pressure / low airflow

Being corrosion resistant Axair ATEX polypropylene fans can handle aggressive chemical fumes internally, whilst externally they are protected against the weather.

The performances curves of explosion proof fans are identical with the ones of the standard version.

Click here for specifications including electrical data, sound data and housing dimensions in addition to installation accessories for the full range.

Available in various handing and orientations on air inlet and can be mounted on a metal pedestal or a weather protecting box pedestal.

Sample Technical Data: ATEX Polypropylene Fans

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We always advise that you obtain accurate technical data. Contact our sales team on the live chat, through the enquire button or email [email protected]

Model & Datasheet
V (1Ph)
A (Full load 1Ph)
A (Start 1Ph)
V (3Ph)
A (Full Load 3Ph)
A (Start 3Ph)
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STA12/2 2870 0,37 71-2 230 2,8 7 400 1,5 6
STA12/4 1450 0,25 71-4 230 2,0 5 400 1 5
STA14/2 2870 1,10 80-2 230 7,0 19 400 2,5 14
STA16/2 2870 2,20 90L-2 230 14,6 63 400 5 34


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ATEX Polypropylene Fans

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