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OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers

Build a fan into your system, or a system around the right fan, either way we offer revolutionary

Forward Thinking Fan Selection & Technical Support

for Original Equipment Manufacturers


Each OEM project we work with is different, each requirement is unique, A bit like our dedicated OEM team. We’ve worked with varied cooling loads, high temperatures, diverse applications, in an array of locations, and employees in roles that cover multiple disciplines over the years, so we know how to approach new systems, how to improve or analyse old ones, and how to lead the way if you need additional assistance. Our UK OEM customers describe our way of working as revolutionary, we literally revolutionise the way they do business with fan suppliers. With core KPI’s in place to manage your account, we make sure YOU get the best. We're positive that after working with us you’ll realise why we’re fast becoming the independent fan supplier of choice for UK OEM’s. Learn more about some key members of our OEM team below, jump on our chat, or give us a call on 01782 349 430.

AJ possesses a revolting amount of technical knowledge that gets our OEM customers out of some disgusting situations.



Fan Integration, Technical Support, BMS, Control, Problem Solving, Tinkering, Design & Development, Advanced Fan Selection.

Our OEM customers are revolted by the care and attention "Hambo" gives them. He's what we'd call a revolution in himself. 



Enquiry Qualification, Product Innovation & Development, Industry Knowledge, Market Expertise, Commercials, Manufacturing.

If you're looking for a disgusting amount of customer-supplier banter coupled with expert fan selection then Jim's revolting skills hit the spot.



Product Knowledge, Product Selections, Fan Laws, Commercials, Lead Times, Logistics, Pre & After Sales Support.

In an antiquated market run by industry giants, we're putting an end to complacency because you deserve more.

Our Team Are Revolting! Changing the Rules of the Game

Join The Revolution!

You heard us right, we're revolting - we're changing the rules of the industrial fan game, breaking the mould. Response times that take some companies days, take us minutes. Pre sales advice and after sales support is built around you, because our job is to empower you to make the right fan selection for your application. 

Axair Fans - Revolutionary Fan Expertise

A Team Committed to Helping OEM Customers to achieve the best in system efficiency and design.

We focus on elements that matter to our OEM customers, such as component supply continuity, stock availability, customer service, technical system design and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of each market application. OEM's need a supplier who stays abreast of changing regulations and emerging technologies so they can let you know if may be relevant to you as the OEM, and for your end user. If you’re questioning your supplier, and think you deserve better than what you're experiencing right now, then get in touch and join the revolution. 

ISO9001 Accredited
We're an ISO9001 certified company with stringent and precise internal procedures across all departments. This means every interaction with our company adds value, from the initial enquiry, right up to the point our OEM's drop in to thank us for making their lives easier. 
View our ISO certification here. 
Technical Site Visits
We recognise that a post covid world means you may be missing some key members of staff, we bridge that gap. If you're missing technical and you're struggling with the final parts of your design, integration or you're simply having issues connecting your BMS, we're there. Our OEM's are used to us listening to them carefully, assisting remotely with key advice and tips, and if required, we'll commit to visiting your site within a timeframe that fits with your project timescales. 
When we say we revolutionise our OEM's business procedures, we mean it. We go above and beyond fan selection and supply. A part of the sale, comes with the service to assist you until you tick complete on your side. 
Communication is key, we don't believe in unnecessary handovers, they slow things down. That's why we have a qualifications team who will work with you from initial enquiry, sit in on teams calls, organise site visits and technical meetings, and only when we're happy we know what you want, will we hand over to a sales team who will provide you with a fully detailed and itemised quote. 
We're transparant and open, and we're available when you need us. Our website chat remains useable until 10pm, we're really focused on what matters to you. 
Product Design Accuracy
If we find that a solution isn't available from our current offer, but we think that there are modification or customisation options from our manufacturing partners, we'll work hard to make it happen. Our end goal is to deliver a product or design that meets your exact requirements.
This means we'll always strive to provide the best in new, emerging, or current technology, whichever achieves the best result for you. 
Timely Delivery Schedules
We promise to deliver an order accurately and on schedule, and where we come across logistical problems we'll be prompt on communicating issues with you. You can rely on us to test all possible outcomes to ensure we meet your enquiry objectives. 

With the state of the mechanical and electronic component market, we'll keep you informed of component supply or continuity issues and have an alternative solution that works available, so you’re never left compromised. 
Flexible Order Types
Talk to us about what works best for you, what makes us a great supplier, is that we focus on customer centric outcomes. Whether call offs, proforma, extended credit is what you need, have the discussion and we'll talk through your options. 
Competitive Pricing
We price our products competitively, even in an industry run by industry giants. The value added comes from our vast wealth of knowledge, our integration expertise and our technical on call support, meaning beyond the cost of components, you'll get exactly what you need from a fan supplier after the sale. 
Engineering Excellence
We're not just in this for the paycheck, it's our hobbies, our passions that lead us to this destination. Tinkerers, those with the knack we call it in-house. You know, we're those kids who took things apart to understand how they work, then put them back together better. We're invested in making your project work. 

Find out why we get comments like "You're the most efficient company we've ever worked with", by viewing the

OEM Case Studies We're Proud of

Just think about how impressed customers have to be to call into the office with a bag of goodies from the farm shop. Just so they can get a handshake and to say thank you. Those interactions don't happen for regular businesses. Our value added approach means you'll have that "aha" moment quickly, because we're different. We revolutionise the way our OEM's do business. 

Axair Fans, Revolutionary Fan Expertise

EcoTech Ventilation

EC fans, specified in to suit, delivered to schedule. Technical on point. What else is there to say?

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Northern Air Handlers

Always available, on call technical, supportive engineers, innovative project on precise schedules. 

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Cleanroom Projects

Technical integration expertise at its finest, on site the next day. Problem solved, mission accomplished. 

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Envair Technology

Where no other supplier can understand or apply the brief, our ATEX and application knowledge won.

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Technology advancements, changing legislation, energy efficiency pledges and more, we work with

Innovative Fan Manufacturers Focused on OEM Demands

Our principle fan manufacturers Rosenberg and Ecofit are key partners in our work with original equipment manufacturers, meticulously designing and constructing industrial fans and components that match customer and market needs at a price point that makes commercial sense, all backed by the technical and integration expertise of our Axair team. Learn more about our OEM product manufacturers by clicking the logos below.