EC Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

EC Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

EC Energy Efficient Fume Fans with IE5 Motors

The already impressive range of corrosive fume fans from Axair Fans has now been extended to include an energy efficient range featuring IE5 EC motors. As the market demands more energy efficient systems, the introduction of the EC range of fans allows fume cupboard manufacturers to reduce their fan energy consumption by up to 20% without affecting performance, ultimately enhancing the energy efficiency of the entire fume extraction system. The IP55 polypropylene range of EC fans and motors are available in a variety of sizes in both single and three phase variants covering airflows from 20-9000m3/hr and pressures to 1500Pa.

EC Plastic Fans Features & Benefits


  • Single inlet corrosion resistant UV treated polypropylene scrolls.
  • Forward Curved Impeller in Polypropylene
  • Direct Drive Polypropylene turbine that is balanced dynamically and electronically.
  • Available in 2 directions of rotation according to the positioning of the suction and discharge (LG/RD)* Except SEC35 in LG only.
  • Max Temp of air carried: -20 – +70 degrees Celsius

1~ or 3~ Motor:

  • Single or Three Phase B34 Type Motor: Foot mounted + inner flange
  • Integrated Drive on 1~, Inverter Drive on 3~
  • High Efficiency EC technology IE5 motor with integrated electronics
  • Up to 20% savings on the previous motor type.
  • IP55 Protection
  • Motor positioned out of the airflow
  • Drive will control the motor via a 0/10V signal.
  • Working Temp: -20 – +60 degrees Celsius


  • IP66 frequency inverter for EC motors with 0/10V output, an RJ45 relay and alarm contact.


  • Mounting on metal pedestal or outdoor weatherproof pedestal

View the ATEX range of AC Plastic Corrosion Resistant Fans Here

Reduce Laboratory Scope 2 Carbon Emissions and Energy Consumption by up to 20%

without Affecting Performance


✓ Lower operational energy costs
✓ Lower environmental impact
✓ Lower carbon emissions
✓ Simple fume fan retrofits

Download PDF for More Information about Sustainable Laboratory Fume Extraction


BREEAM Laboratory Credits with Energy Efficient EC Fume Fans

EC Plastic Corrosion Resistant Extract Fans

View technical data for our range of Energy Efficient EC Polypropylene Fans below

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Download the full range of EC Corrosion Resistant Fans Datasheets here.

Always contact us to see if the fan selection is right for your application and duty points. 

Speed (RPM)
Speed (RPM)
Pressure (Pa)
Flow Rate (m3/hr)
Power (A)
Voltage (V)
Current (A)
S15EC 1Ph 1720 300 160 520 0.6 230 1.0
S15EC 3Ph 3440 300 620 1020 1.2 400 5.6
S15EC Mono 2500 300 330 600 0.45 277 3.2
S20EC 1Ph 1720 300 360 1550 0.6 277 2.0
S20EC 3Ph 3440 300 1500 2000 1.2* 480 5.6
S20EC Mono 2100 300 480 1550 0.45 277 3.2
S25EC 1Ph 1720 300 500 2900 0.6 230 5.0
S25EC 3Ph 1720 300 460 2900 0.6 400 4.0
S25EC 3Ph 3200 300 1800 4000 2.6 400 11.5
S25EC 3Ph 2870 300 1430 4000 2.6 400 11.5
S30EC 1Ph 1450 300 500 4800 1.3 230 8.5
S30EC 1Ph 1720 300 800 55000 1.3 230 8.5
S30EC 3Ph 1720 300 800 5500 1.3 400 7.5
S35EC 3Ph 1720 300 1500 8400 4.8 400 17.2


Our energy efficient EC plastic extract fans are designed for applications where energy efficiency is paramount in potentially corrosive chemicals and hazardous gases are present in the environment or in the air stream. Some common examples would be:

Download the full EC Plastic Fans range information here.

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BREEAM Laboratory Credits with Energy Efficient EC Fume Fans (09/05/2023)

Laboratory areas are defined as highly serviced spaces where physical, biological, or chemical processing or testing is carried out. Such areas will have inherently high energy demands including ventilation, air handling and containment or fume extraction. To achieve a good or outstanding BREEAM status a laboratory should incorporate highly sustainable features, low energy design strategies […]