School Fume Fan Pack

School Fume Fan Pack

The custom made school fume fan pack is an easy solution for schools, colleges and universities that require polypropylene fans and accessories for new or refurbished fume cupboard systems. The pack contains the fume extraction fan suited to your operating duty in addition to all the other necessary components you require for a simple build that is more cost-effective than buying the fan and components separately.

Customise your complete pack below or contact one of our fume extraction engineers with the required operating and duty points of your fume cupboard, we’ll then tailor a fan pack to suit your individual requirements.


An Example of a Custom Made Fan Pack:

  • 1 Polypropylene Fume Extraction Fan
  • 1 Motor Controller
  • 1 Electrical Isolator
  • 4 Anti Vibration Mounts
  • 1 Tapered Flexible Connector
  • 1 Straight Flexible Connector
  • 1 Fan Scroll Drain
  • Optional Extras Available


View S Range – High Air Flow against Medium System Pressures

View ST Range – Low Air Flow against High System Pressures

View EC Range – Airflows from 20-9000m3/hr and Pressures up to 1500Pa

View ATEX rated versionsATEX rated fans

Our fume extraction fans have proven their durability and reliability in the laboratory fume cupboard market and educational settings for over 30 years. Our team of fan integration experts have worked with schools, colleges and universities to select and specify the correct corrosion resistant fan to suit their fume extraction system requirements whilst ensuring competitive pricing and lead times.

Manufactured from corrosion resistant polypropylene, SEAT fans are both durable and light weight making them easy to install and a more reliable and cost-effective option for chemical laboratories than alternatives in the marketplace. With fume cupboard systems being long term investments within the education sector installers look to integrate the most efficient fans and components. Our range of EC polypropylene fume extraction fans can help designers to reduce fan energy consumption by up to 20% without affecting performance. SEAT polypropylene fans used in school fume cupboards tend to be the smaller fans in our range as schools usually service one cupboard per fan. For laboratories where there are multiple fume cupboards per fan, we can offer a larger solution to suit.

Selecting the correct fan for your system is crucial for ensuring a safe and reliable system. An incorrect airflow could result in the user being exposed to hazardous fumes during the use of the equipment or from fumes that are not properly exhausted and seep back into the room. A fan producing too much airflow will be inefficient, potentially disrupt experiments and be unnecessarily noisy. Lack of experience with fume cupboard extraction systems can make it difficult to determine the correct fan specification required, in which case further guidance is available from national bodies with specific knowledge and experience in this area such as the DfE or CLEAPSS


The custom made fume extraction fan pack is tailored to suit your individual requirements based on the specification of your fume cupboard system. We supply polypropylene exhaust fans ranging from our small S15 to the largest fan in our range the S50. The size of the fan in your fan pack will be determined by your requirements.

The complete fume extraction fan pack contains your selected polypropylene fume extraction fan, one motor controller, one electrical isolator, four anti vibration mounts, one tapered flexible connector, one straight flexible connector and one fan scroll drain. Other combinations are available, your pack will be created with only the components you require.

Optional extras to be added to the complete fan pack include a metal or box pedestal, alarms and air flow controllers.


EC Corrosion Resistant Fans

The demand for more energy efficient systems in laboratories within schools, colleges and universities has seen an increase in designers and installers integrating EC polypropylene fans into new and existing fume cupboard systems. Our range of energy efficient corrosion resistant fans with IE5 B34 type EC motors reduce fan energy consumption by up to 20% without affecting the performance of the system and are available in single or three phase versions.

ATEX Polypropylene Fans

Where there is the potential for explosion our ATEX rated non-sparking version of corrosion-resistant extract fans are available in ATEX Zone II, explosion proof, category 3 G execution in accordance with ATEX directive 94/9/CE.

S Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

V (1Ph)
A (Full load 1Ph)
A (Start 1Ph)
V (3Ph)
A (Full Load 3Ph)
A (Start 3Ph)
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S15/2 2870 0,37 71-2 230 2,8 7 400 1,2 6
S15/4 1450 0,25 71-4 230 2,8 5 400 1,0 5
S20/2L 2870 0,55 71-2 230 2,8 9 400 1,5 7
S20/2M 2870 0,75 80-2 230 5,1 14 400 1,8 10
S20/2H 2870 1,10 80-2 230 7,0 19 400 2,5 14
S20/4 1450 0,25 74-4 230 2,0 5 400 1,0 5
S25/2L 2870 1,50 90S-2 230 10,8 28 400 3,7 20
S25/2M 2870 2,20 90L-2 230 14,6 63 400 5,1 34
S25/2H 2870 3,00 90L-2 400 6,9 49
S25/4 1450 0,37 71-4 230 3,4 8 400 1,2 5
S30/4 1450 1,50 90L-4 230 10,5 28 400 3,7 20
S30/4L 1450 0,75 90-4 230 4,8 16 400 2,2 8,0
S30/6 930 0,75 90S-6 230 4,8 16 400 2,2 8,0
S35/4L 1450 4,00 112M-4 400 11,4 75
S35/4M 1450 5,50 112M-4 400 11,4 75
S35/4H 1450 7,50 112M-4 400 14,7 96
S35/6 930 2,20 112M-4 400 5,3Y 24Y

ATEX rated versions available on request ATEX rated fans

ST Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

V (1Ph)
A (Full load 1Ph)
A (Start 1Ph)
V (3Ph)
A (Full Load 3Ph)
A (Start 3Ph)
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ST10/2 2870 0,12 56-2 230 1,4 2 400 0,5 6
ST10/4 1450 0,09 56-4 230 1,0 1,5 400 0,5 1
ST12/2 2870 0,37 71-2 230 2,8 7 400 1,5 6
ST12/4 1450 0,25 71-4 230 2,0 5 400 1,0 5
ST14/2 2870 1,10 80-2 230 7,0 19 400 2,5 14
ST16/2 2870 2,20 90L-2 230 14,6 63 400 5 34
ST18 2870 7,5     –    –    –  – 400 14,3 132

ATEX rated versions available on request ATEX rated fans

We offer a range of accessories to facilitate installation of our polypropylene fans, the custom made educational pack is a complete solution for your education establishments and contains only the fan and accessories required for your system.


Available Accessories Include:


x1 Inverter

Allows the user to control the speed of the fan motor to match the actual ventilation needs. Reducing the speed of a motor will reduce the amount of energy needed to power it, which in turn will reduce strain on the motor and any related components, reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance therefore lowers costs and finally it is easier to stop the system when needed.


x1 Electrical Isolator

Which can be pre-wired to the motor terminal to ensure first class electrical work in factory conditions and an isolator fan on the indoor or outdoor pedestal.


Airflow Controllers

Air flow controllers can be incorporated to monitor and control air speed and show the correct functioning of the fume cupboard’s air flow. Different versions are available depending on your requirements.


X4 Anti Vibration Mounts

A pack of four anti vibration mounts designed to isolate the fan from the mounting frame or floor and ultimately reduce noise. The rotating propellers of a fan can cause a slight imbalance which contributes to vibration, the AV mounts work as a shock absorber preventing the transmission of the vibration. They can be used with our ‘S’ and ‘ST’ ranges of fans.


x1 Tapered Flexible Connector / x1 Straight Flexible Connector

Flexible connectors are designed to isolate the fan from the connecting ductwork. The tapered type may be used to match different diameters. The connectors are attached by quick-release stainless steel band clips. The straight type which has the same connection size at both ends and the taper type which have different sizes at each end.


x1 Fan Scroll Drain

To be fitted at the lowest point of the fan scroll to allow water to run away. Thread size 3/8″ BSP, hose connection 12mm Ø. Fan housing predrilled and tapped to hose connector.


x1 Metal Pedestal

Available in two sizes and made of hot-dipped galvanised, mild steel that is 3mm thick. In the manufacturing process the steel is folded then welded; it provides a stronger, more stable assembly, even when using the larger, heavier motorised units. The galvanised finish ensures a 20 year resistance to rust and other types of corrosion making it suitable for outdoor installations.


x1 Outdoor Pedestal

The weather pedestal offers a more enclosed casing for outdoor installations, it totally covers the fan motor beyond the IP55 protection.


x1 Weather Cowl

The motor cover or cowl is offered as a rain cover to help protect the fan motor and is both easy to install and to remove for motor inspection. The cowl is offered as a motor shelter and is not intended to replace the successful weather protecting pedestal.



S Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

Medium pressure centrifugal fans ideal for corrosive fume extraction, ATEX versions

ST Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

High pressure centrifugal fans for corrosive fume extraction, ATEX versions available

EC Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

Energy efficient polypropylene fans and motors with up to 20% savings and available in a variety of sizes.

ATEX Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

ATEX S and ST polypropylene fans available in Zone II, explosion proof, category 3 G execution