Fans for School Fume Cupboards

laboratory school fume cupboards extractionDuring school science experiments and demonstrations, it is commonplace to use fume cupboards. School fume cupboards are designed to capture and remove air-borne hazardous substances generated during laboratory experiments to reduce the risk of exposure to a safe level. These include harmful gases, vapours, aerosols and particulates.

Fume cupboards prevent potentially dangerous vapours being released into the classroom in two main ways; through ducting or through filtered, recirculated air. Ducted fume cupboards draw air through the sash opening over the working area and through ducting to the outside of the building, most often the roof. This method is widely used as it suitable for extracting more toxic vapours than recirculating filtered fume cupboards. The latter is more suited to experiments using much less hazardous substances.

school Fume cupboardsAdditionally, school fume cupboards act as a physical barrier between reactions and the classroom or laboratory. This provides a degree of protection against inhalation exposure, chemical spills and fires.

The fans for the fume cupboard extraction system need to be able to handle the corrosive air without risk to its operation. Therefore, Axair offer specifically designed polypropylene fans for school fume cupboard applications as the material properties allow the fan to operate in the corrosive air stream.

At Axair, we have been supplying fans for the extraction of school fume cupboards for many years. Fans for this application tend to be the smaller fans in our range as schools usually service one cupboard per fan. For laboratories where there are multiple fume cupboards per fan, Axair will be able to offer a larger solution to suit. Download the fume extraction brochure for more electrical data and performance curves.

SEAT school fume cupboards extraction fanIn addition to fans, we offer a range of accessories designed to make installation easier and to meet the individual requirements of each project. For example, to help the installer to connect to existing duct work in refurb projects, we provide duct adaptors (rigid or flexible, straight or tapered). These allow the fan to connect to ductwork which is a different size than the fan connection size.

Other accessories include inverters, starters, isolators, anti-vibration mounts, flexible connectors and many other parts. We also offer a stack support and adaptor plate to make the fan pedestal suitable for wall mounting. To ensure we achieve a fast delivery turn around, we have large stock of fan components which we can build to suit many fan duties.

Our team of technical sales engineers are happy to help with fan selections for your application whether you are a consultant, M&E contractor, installer or factory engineer.

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