ATEX S50: Fume Extraction for Potentially Explosive Environments

Axair are excited to announce that their S50 polypropylene fans; the largest and most powerful fans in their ‘S’ range, manufactured by SEAT, are now available in ATEX suitable for zone 2 gas environments.


ATEX S50 Fume Extraction Fan

Responding to increased demand, the ATEX S50 fans have been designed to remove fumes from highly corrosive or toxic environments where there is a risk of fire or explosion. They can achieve airflows of 5000 to 16000 m3/h and provide high air flow against medium system pressures. ATEX S50 corrosion resistant fans are supplied with EEx nA (nonincendive) motors.


SEAT is the leading EU manufacturer of plastic fans with more than 35 years’ experience in their field. As the exclusive UK distributor for SEAT, Axair are proud to work closely with the fan manufacturer to deliver superior corrosive fume, chemical, ATEX and specially designed fan components to the UK market.


The ATEX S50 is supplied with an inverter as standard, benefitting from an easy stop/start function and enhanced speed control which allows for efficient energy consumption. The molded carbon loaded polypropylene prevents static discharges and is a corrosion resistant material which can withstand harsh chemical environments and adverse weather conditions. It holds many benefits over GRP and stainless steel materials.



Axair’s team have undertaken extensive training in ATEX regulations but have a duty of care to ensure the supply of a suitable fan based upon a customer’s correct ATEX coding specifications. ATEX has to be understood as an ever evolving subject requiring competence and training that is now provided by UK notified bodies and consultancies. We advise that if anyone requires additional training in ATEX that they contact an independent body for assistance.



ATEX S50 Fume Extraction Fans

ATEX S50 Polypropylene Fans:

  • Airflow: 5000 to 16,000 m3/h
  • Highly Resistant Polypropylene
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Anti-UV & Recyclable
  • Total pressure: 300-1800Pa
  • Inlet: 600mm
  • Protection plate around the housing, metal stand, weather protection cover
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Backward centrifugal type impeller made of injected moulded PPH with a patented process.
  • Motor driving: direct
  • Motor support: metal stand only
  • Motor: three phase with a start up by frequency inverter
  • Max Temperature 60°C



We hold stock of our corrosive fume extraction fans including the new ATEX S50, saving valuable time for our customers working on tight schedules. Our S50 ATEX Corrosion resistant fans are supplied with metal pedestals.


Axair ensure we meet the total specification of your project, delivering exceptional product knowledge, fan integration expertise and a thorough knowledge of corrosive and explosive ATEX environments. For more information download the full corrosion resistant fans brochure below or speak to a member of our Industrial team on 01782 349 430.


Corrosion Resistant Fans Cover

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