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Consultants and Specifiers

We work with an array of customer roles who have the construction expertise for advanced selections including specifiers, engineers and architects creating

Fan Specifications that properly reflect project intent with Technically accurate fan selections


The increasing complexity of construction projects, along with the growth of environmental regulations and sustainable building practices, has expanded the role of specifiers and consultants in making accurate fan selections for air movement and fume extraction systems. Specifiers now play a key role in ensuring that construction components meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and sustainability, and with this responsibility comes extended and advanced research, sometimes into the unknown. The design team’s responsibility for research and specification writing, brings material capabilities into the forefront of design. Every specifier doesn't have to be a technical expert,  you simply need someone to see and assist with the technical potential of a material in order to conceive a great project, that's where we fit in as we'll work with you on the technical. We're positive that after working with us you’ll realise why we’re fast becoming the independent fan supplier of choice for UK specifiers and consultants. Learn more about some key members of our industrial team below, jump on our chat, or call us on 01782 349 430.

AJ possesses a revolting amount of technial knowledge that gets our specifiers thinking about things deeper than surface level fan selection.



Fan Integration, Technical Support, BMS, Control, Problem Solving, Tinkering, Design & Development, Advanced Fan Selection.

Revolutionary  pre-sales and after-sales support consultants need. Georgia works closely with industrial customers a all stages of the process.



 Product Knowledge, Product Selections, Fan Laws, Commercials, Lead Times, Logistics, Pre & After Sales Support.

As our longest serving employee, Fabien posesses a deep understanding of our customers, product technical and market knowledge. 



Enquiry Qualification, Product Innovation & Development, Industry Knowledge, Market Expertise, Commercials, Manufacturing.

In an antiquated market run by industry giants, we're putting an end to complacency because you deserve more.

Our Team Are Revolting! Changing the Rules of the Game

Join The Revolution!

You heard us right, we're revolting - we're changing the rules of the industrial fan game, breaking the mould. Response times that take some companies days, take us minutes. Pre sales advice and after sales support is built around you, because our job is to empower you to make the right fan selection for your application. 

Learn More about Axair Fans - Revolutionary Fan Expertise

We help specifiers to lay out detailed technical and support documents for fast fan installation.

A specification is a detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials etc, of work done or to be done, prepared by an architect, engineer or other experienced person - Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

Specifications are required during the design stage, they form part of the contract documentation and play a key role in project fulfilment, therefore the right fan component supplier who understands the key goals of the system will ensure you deliver the most accurate and technically suitable fan specification to all stakeholders. See to the right what we consider.

Noise Levels
Energy Efficiency
Explosion Protection


Chemical Compatibility


Regulatory Compliance
Control Requirements


Future Adaptability


Find out why we get awarded fume fan projects that we're not even specified on in our

Industrial Case Studies We're Proud of

We're proud of our work with our industrial customers, and with lots of prestigous projects under our belts, we love shouting about them. Regardless of the size of projects, we're always give our best every time. From single fan projects, to multiple stage tenders that span years and years, with pages of fan specification documentation to trawl through, our industrial team provide a service with no unecessary handovers, enhanced technical and an exemplary pre and after sales support procedure. Learn a little more in some of our case studies below.

Axair Fans, Revolutionary Fan Expertise

National Oceanographic

EC fans, specified in to suit, delivered to schedule. Technical on point. What else is there to say?

Bournemouth Pathology Lab

Always available, on call technical, supportive engineers, innovative project on precise schedules. 

Net Zero Innovation

Why are our ATEX metal and polypropylene fans net zero award winning fan components?

Extract Technology

Where no other supplier can understand or apply the brief, our ATEX and application knowledge won.

Heavy industrial processes mean harsh chemicals, hazardous and explosive environments, therefore we work with

Innovative Fan Manufacturers Focused on Industrial Market Requirements

Our principle fan manufacturers SEAT and Casals are key partners in our work with the industrial market, meticulously designing and constructing industrial fans and components that match customer and market needs at a price point that makes commercial sense, all backed by the technical and integration expertise of our Axair team. Learn more about our industrial product manufacturers by clicking the logos below.