Efficient & Hygienic Extraction Fans for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fans For Hospitality

Commercial kitchens demand that extraction fans and exhaust fans are high quality manufactured components to withstand the rigours of continuous constant with hot, greasy air.

Rosenberg Kitchen exhaust units are developed to move small to medium air volumes for applications where the air is slightly soiled, greasy or higher air temperature. The casing consists of a double skinned galvanised sheet steel with a non-flammable rock wool acoustic and moisture insulation.

Axair Fans in partnership with quality supplier partner, Rosenberg supply purpose designed extraction fans for professional commercial kitchens.

Rosenberg KB series; Industrial Extraction Fans for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen extraction Fans Axair fans

The KB series (KBAD – 3 phase, KBAE – single phase) is a range of high quality commercial extraction fans, manufactured by innovative manufacturing partner Rosenberg in Germany. the KB series of fans are driven by motors located out of the air-stream, allowing the impeller to operate at up to 100°, while the housing remains cool due to the manufactured thermally insulated skin. The motorised impeller is assembled to a hinged door, which provides rapid access to the fan for inspection and cleaning.



The casing consists of a double-skinned galvanised sheet steel with a non-flammable rock wool acoustic and moisture insulation. The motor-impeller unit can be pivoted for cleaning purposes by the generous operating door. The door hinge DIN right can be easily be converted to DIN left. Connecting pieces fit standard pipes.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fan Construction


up to size 280
forward curved impeller made of galvanised sheet steel
from size 315
backward curved impellers made of aluminium

The impellers and the hubs as a unit are balanced at two levels according to G2.5 to DIN 1940.

Electrical connection

The electrical connection is on the terminal box already loosely pre-assembled on the cable. The nominal voltage is indicated on the type shield and will allow for a voltage tolerance of ±10%.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fans: Specification

CodeArticle NumberVoltage (V)Frequency (Hz)kW RatingAmps DrawnRevs per MinMicro Farrad (uF)Temperature (oC)Sound dB(A)Current increase in partial voltage area (%)Starting current : Rating currentMotor Class ProtectionRequest a Quote
KBAE 180-4 ST.082B21-180171-230500.241.251390510549/62/67352.9IP54
KBAE 180-4 ST.082B21-180143-400500.220.51340-10049/62/67-3.1IP54
KBAE 200-4 ST.082B21-200171-230500.311.451353610551/64/69242.5IP54
KBAE 200-4 ST.082B21-200143-400500.3750.81320-10052/65/70-3.1IP54
KBAE 225-4 ST.092B21-225171-230500.492.21290129056/67/7203IP54
KBAE 225-4 ST.092B21-225143-400500.420.91240-10055/66/71-2.5IP54
KBAE 250-4 ST.102B21-250171-230501.15.513602010064/71/76102.8IP54
KBAE 250-4 ST.102B21-250163-400501.182.71410-10065/72/77-5.2IP54
KBAE 280-4 ST.114B21-280171-230501.46.413202510070/79/8252.8IP54
KBAE 280-4 ST.114B21-280143-400501.753.31350-10070/79/82534.7IP54
KBAD 315-2 SW.098B21-315171-230500.21.11420510047/61/64383.3IP54
KBAD 315-2 SW.098B21-315253-400501.32.32795-10069/83/87334.2IP54
KBAD 315-4 SW.098B21-315143-400500.160.411400-10047/61/64-3.7IP54
KBAD 355-2 SW.110B21-355253-400502.063.552705-10072/86/89103.9IP54
KBAD 355-4 SW.110B21-355171-230500.291.371360610050/64/67242.6IP54
KBAD 355-4 SW.110B21-355143-400500.2850.721380-10050/64/67-3.1IP54
KBAE 400-4 SW.123B21-400171-230500.452.11320129055/69/7232.1IP54
KBAE 400-4 SW.123B21-400143-400500.40.881280-10055/69/72-2.9IP54
KBAD 450-4 SW.138B21-450163-400500.911.751380-10062/76/79215IP54
KBAD 500-4 SW.138B21/500143-400501.5531370-8065/79/8284.8IP54

ERP Compliant FansAll KB Series fans are ERP compliant. For more information on Energy related products, visit our technical page. 

For more information on the above range of products or to request a quote, contact Axair Fans on 01782 349 430.

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