Low Pressure Centrifugal Inch Blowers

Low Pressure Centrifugal Inch Blowers

Forward Curved Low Pressure Blowers for Industrial Cooling

Available to buy online, the BD range of double inlet low pressure centrifugal fans, commonly known as inch blowers, feature a forward curved turbine powered by an external rotor motor. They are designed for a wide range of low air pressure applications. With motors situated within the width of the impeller and fan housing this makes for a compact unit. As the scroll housings of single inlet fans are in fabricated steel, detachable discharge flanges enhance the mounting possibilities of this versatile and popular range.

Inch Blowers: Nominally Dimensioned by Diameter and Length

Our low pressure forward curved double inlet centrifugal fans known in the industry as inch blowers are available in a range of sizes: BD-7/7 means the diameter is 7” and the long impeller is 7” wide too.

Ingress Protection

The standard IP20 level of ingress protection is offered on most AC compact axial fans with specialist IP55 and high temperature versions are available on variable lead times.

Speed Controllable

1~ fans are speed controllable by voltage variation, and can be supplied with 3 speed tapped winding.

3~ fans are speed controllable using a frequency speed controller.

Anti Vibration

To prevent electromagnetic vibration transmitting to the unit frame, anti-vibration mounts are fitted at the motor pad on the side plate and on the foot corners.

EC Versions

Electronically Commutated EC product lines are available on request if applications require a more energy efficient product. 

Galvanised Low Pressure Inch Blowers Suitable for a Diverse Range of Applications

With the exception of models 7/7, 9/9, 10/10 and 12/12 that feature a polyamide impeller reinforced with fibreglass, the Casals range of low pressure centrifugal fans have a galvanised steel scroll and impeller. Using a reinforced engineering plastic such as polyamide gives compelling advantages including weight reduction and better corrosive resistance. It’s ability to absorb vibration and impact resistance adds to it performance enhancing features, making it the ideal noise optimised unit ventilation for ventilation boxes, air handling units, air curtains, kitchen extraction and downdraught benches, amongst many other industrial applications. 

The Forward Curved Fans We all Know As Inch Blowers

Versatile, Cost Effective & Available from Stock

The standard IP20 level of ingress protection is offered on most AC compact axial fans with specialist IP55 and high temperature versions available on variable lead times. Ball bearings are the dominant support system enabling a lifetime span of up to 40,000 hours, but for those looking for a value cost effective range, some models are available with sleeve bearings. Other additional options include bi-directional flow, steel impellers and special voltages. 

Contact us to discuss lead time and availability on components required for specific applications or those required for more arduous scenarios.

Dynamically Balanced Impellers


4 Mounting Positions


Low Pressure Inch Blowers - Axair Fans
Low Pressure Inch Blowers - Axair Fans

EC Motors, the Logical Choice in Reducing Power Consumption, Costs and Environmental Impact

Energy efficient technology has grown in popularity over recent years, primary due to the significant European Energy Related Products legislation (ERP). So EC fan motors have become the logical choice in reducing power consumption, costs and ultimately the environment. Most air conditioning units for example are being refurbished using EC backward curved fans (or plug fans). However, EC inch blowers can be used to simplify a refurbishment programme, as they will fit directly into existing units, thanks to their industry standard sizes and fixing points.



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