Backward Curved Centrifugal

Backward Curved Centrifugal

Popular High Pressure Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans for OEM Applications

Being one of the most popular type of industrial fan for UK OEM's, backward curved centrifugal fans play a vital role in high pressure air movement applications due to their design. European fan manufacturers Rosenberg and Ecofit, a part of the Rosenberg Group deliver constant innovations in backward curved technology to deliver a comprehensive and enviable range to allow our customers to integrate the perfect selection into their finished units. 

With a wide range of industrial fans featuring backward curved impellers to facilitate their final performance and suitability for niche applications, we advise customers to contact us to discuss your specific application requirements. 

Manufactured meticuously with Rosenberg Group engineering excellence to deliver

Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans that Excel at High Pressures

Backward curved fans are used in various industrial and commercial applications, and thanks to their optimised blade design which curves away from the airflow, they allow for more efficient airflow and pressure generation, combined with their larger blade size, they enable better airflow control and reduce energy losses, resulting in overall improved efficiency. They're well known for their higher efficiency compared with forward curved alternatives which is why we advise customers to talk to us before making a selection, to ensure we can help your system to perform with the best fan integration. 

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Fans that Offer Long Term Benefits and Efficiency Gains

Although slightly more expensive than forward curved fans, the complex design of the backward curved impeller increase the versatility and performance of the overall system. Manufactured by the Rosenberg Group, our backward curved centrifugal fans balance cost and efficiency perfectly. Talk to us for accurate product specifications. 

Motor Development

With an extensive range of motors developed to ensure the optimised performance of our backward curved fans, our team will work with you to ensure the right impeller and motor combination delivers exactly what your system needs. 

Learn more about Ecofit motor developments here. 

Clean & Dusty Environments

Backward curved impellers are well suited to both clean and dusty environments because of their blade design. The curved blades help to reduce the accumulation of dust and debris on the blades, minimising the risk of degradation of performance and contamination. This makes them ideal for applications that demand clean air circulation. 

Suitable Applications

Common applications where our backward curved fans are used, include AHUs and general HVAC for improved efficiency and higher static pressure capabilities, Cleanrooms where airflow must be controlled and contamination must be minimised, industrial processes such as air pollution control where high airflow and pressure requirements exist, and data centers focusing on efficient cooling and airflow management.