EC Plug Fans with E Impeller

EC Plug Fans with E Impeller

Fibre Reinforced Plastic Plug Fans for Low-Medium Pressure Applications

The E Series range of EC plug fans produce significant increases in energy efficiency and a major reduction in operating noise in high flow and low-medium pressure applications. Competitively priced, the E series EC plug fan is a cost effective low noise solution that is used alongside our I Series, by many UK air handling manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers.

Noise optimised E-series plug fans featuring aerofoil blades are

Compact and Optimally Designed for Maximum Performance & Efficiency

Compact, efficient and optimally designed, the E series range of EC plug fans feature a lightweight (1.22kg/m2) black UV stabilised, long fibre reinforced polypropylene impeller with 7 profiled blades and a narrow radial diffuser, maximising static regain through the fan discharge. Designed with computer fluid dynamics, the profiled blades and diffuser wheel provides less vibration while significantly reducing noise levels. 

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Class Leading Performance in a Backward Curved Offering

Expertly designed and manufactured to the highest standards by The Rosenberg Group, the E series blends efficiency, performance and costs perfectly. A full range of datasheets are available on request, contact us for more information.

Higher Performance

The IE configuration of the E series range of plug fans ensure they're geared for performance and efficiency. To achieve this we have optimised inlet conditions by reducing the motor interaction with the airflow path as much as possible, resulting in increased airflow and pressure vs the non-optimised solutions.

Generation 3 EC Motor

100% speed controllable, the generation 3 EC motor available on 3~ fans, automatically adjusts to the actual input power across the entire range, allowing reduced inventory cost and easier design-in. The 3~ 50-60Hz motors are rated IP54 and UL-R motor class F. Gen 3 motors are 30% more powerful than previous versions.

The operating temperature range is -25C to +40C at full speed.

Gen 3 motors exceed in accordance with IEC 60034-30-2 minimum requirements for IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency.

Generation 2 EC Motor

1~ plug fans feature gen 2 energy saving EC motors where the motor exceed IE4 super premium efficiency. 

Technical Data

External rotor motors are contained within the depth of the fan impeller, thus saving the space normally occupied by a standard motor. They are located in the air stream, so temperature is limited, and they are generally of protection class IP44, so the air needs to be clean and dry to avoid motor contamination. The range of backward curved impellers are available as a free running option or an EC modular plug fan configuration. EC backward curved centrifugal fans develop pressure within the envelope of the impeller and do not, therefore, rely on a scroll housing for this purpose. They are relatively low cost and can be simply and cheaply housed. Air is drawn through a radius inlet ring, which minimises pressure losses and air leakage, and is discharged at 90° to the inlet axis. The impeller has a ‘non-overloading’ characteristic in that it draws maximum power near the centre of its pressure/volume flow curve. Low-cost speed control is possible for EC fans by supply voltage variation, either by an electronic (triac) method or by a transformer.

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Fan Type Voltage
Power (kW)
Current (A)
Max Temp
IP Rating
GKHx 315-CIE.088.4EA 230 50 / 60 0.5 2.8 2200 40 IP54 69
GKHx 355-CIE.112.4EA
230 50 / 60 0.5 2.7 1650 40 IP54 69
GKHx 355-CIE.112.5FA
230 50 / 60 1.12 5.0 2250 45 IP54 76
GKHx 355-CIE.112.5FA
400 50 / 60 1.70 2.8 2600 40 IP54 79
GKHx 400-CIE.125.4FF
230 50 / 60 0.5 2.8 1380 40 IP54 67
GKHx 400-CIE.125.5HF
400 50 / 60 1.60 2.5 2100 40 IP54 74
GKHx 400-CIE.125.5FA
230 50 / 60 1.16 5.2 1875 40 IP54 73
GKHx 450-CIE.136.5FA
230 50 / 60 1.15 5.1 1550 40 IP54 71
GKHx 500-CIE.154.5HF
230 50 / 60 1.15 5.1 1330 40 IP54 71
GKHx 450-CIE.136.5HF
400 50 / 60 1.65 2.7 1775 40 IP54 75
GKHx 450-CIE.135.6FF
400 50 / 60 3.50 5.1 2300 40 IP54 84
GKHx 450-CIE.135.6FF
400 50 / 60 1.50 2.4 1425 40 IP54 80
GKHx 500-CIE.154.6FF
400 50 / 60 2.90 4.4 1800 60 IP54 80
GKHx 560-CIE.175.6IF
400 50 / 60 3.26 5.0 1550 50 IP54 80