AA High Pressure Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans

AA High Pressure Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Available in Standard, Stainless Steel or ATEX Versions

Manufacturing Features:
Centrifugal fan with fully welded rolling steel sheet housing.
Polyester powder finishing coat.
Impellers made from sheet steel and polyester powder coated.

Both the AA high pressure and the AA P/R have standard asynchronous squirrel cage motors that are IP55 protected and class F insulated.
Manufactured with standard voltages as follows: 230V 50Hz in 1~ motors, 230/400V 50Hz in 3~ motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.
Maximum working temperature of carried air is 130°C and ambient air 60°C.
The standard orientation is LG270.

AA centrifugal fans featuring motors situated outside of the airstream are

Suitable for High Temperature Airflows

The AA rand AA P/R  series of high-pressure centrifugal fans feature a fully welded housing manufactured using rolling steel sheet and ultra durable aluminium impellers with an epoxy powder finish coating. They are designed for inline installation and can offer a maximum working temperature of carried air up to 130°C and up to 60°C for ambient air. The AA P/R range features straight impellers which are effective for use with solid material transport (except for textile fibres) and are ErP exempt. An ATEX certified version is available on request.

Ideal for Applications Requiring Higher Pressure Rates

The AA and AA P/R range of centrifugal fans are designed for the extraction or injection of air in industrial applications where there is a requirement for higher pressures.

Available Fan Types

AA: High pressure centrifugal fan available with backward curved impellers or forward curved impellers

AA P/R: High pressure centrifugal material handling fan with a straight impeller
High pressure centrifugal fan, ATEX certified

Suitable Applications

Designed for inline installation, they are suitable for:

•Industrial applications, extraction or injection of air
•Cooling of machines and parts
•Clean air transport
•Exhaust after filters, separators and cyclones
•Pneumatic transport
•Solid material transport (except for textile fibres)
•Maximum working temperature: carried air: 130ºC, ambient 60ºC

Available on Request

•60Hz fans and special voltages
•2 speed motors
•Hot-dipped galvanised or stainless steel fan
•ATEX versions

•Orientation: LG270, LG0, LG45, LG90, LG135, LG180, LG225, LG315