Short Cased Axial Fans

Short Cased Axial Fans

General Purpose Cased Axial Fans for Industrial and Commercial Ventilation

A comprehensive range of high efficiency and high performance short cased axial fans designed for use wherever large air volumes must be conveyed against low to medium pressure, quite often in systems with short duct runs.

Due to their low installation depths, short cased axial fans are a versatile, general purpose fan that can be mounted in any position. This makes them a suitable fan selection for general ventilation applications such as hospitality restaurants, gymnasiums, conference rooms, workshops, warehouses, commercial building, swimming pools and large greenhouses where there are no specialist ventilation requirements.

An extensive range of short cased axial fans designed to

Optimise Short Ducted Systems with Efficient and Even Air Distribution

Axial fans deliver a low pressure high volume air flow that is ideal for cooling equipment and space due to efficient and even air distribution in a defined area. Download our range brochure below to view the scope of industrial fans available and contact us to make an accurate fan selection to suit your operating duties and application specific requirements.

Ideal for Large Air Volumes Across Low to Medium System Pressures

Our in-house team of fan selection engineers are here to help you to select the right industrial axial fan for your application. With such a large range of axial fan products, tell us your operating duties and we'll make sure you get the right solution.


Designed for wall or duct installation, they are suitable for:

• Air renewal in buildings and industries, general ventilation applications

ATEX Certified Options

ATEX certified options are available for use in zone 1 and 2 gas environments.ATEX rated fans

View ATEX Axial Fans Here

Special Paint Grade Options

Most short cased axial fan is available in special paint grades for enhanced corrosion protection.


Short cased axial fans are meticulously manufactured and supplied exclusively to the UK though Axair Fans, by Rosenberg Group & Casals.

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