ATEX Axial Fans

ATEX Axial Fans

ATEX Category 2 Zone 1 Wall Mounted Plate and Cased Axial Fans

Axair supplies a range of award winning ATEX Category 2 Zone 1 wall mounted plate and cased axial fans for the ventilation of buildings and rooms in which explosive gases may be present.

All zone 1 products are manufactured by Casals and are accredited by Notified Body LOM as satisfying the standards contained in EU ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU as implemented in the UK statutory instruments post Brexit.

For full information about our range of ATEX wall mounted axial fans and to discuss your ATEX application, contact our team on 01782 349430 or enquire via the link below.

ATEX certified axial fans with Ex h certified mechanical, and increased safety electrical constructions that 

Safely Extract Air, Fumes & Gases from Hazardous Spaces 

In line with relevant ATEX regulations 2014/34/EU, our wide range of ATEX explosion proof fans are suitable for zone 1 and 2 gas, or zone 21 and 22 dust ATEX atmospheres where there is a potential for explosive atmospheres. Talk to our experienced team to discuss ATEX fans for explosive atmospheres that are suitable for your application. We always advise that you have been made aware of the correct ATEX zone by a certified ATEX consultant before contacting us, this ensures we can provide the safest industrial ATEX fan to suit the explosive atmosphere that you’re operating in. Choosing an ATEX explosion proof fan is a specialised area and a decision should not be taken lightly, we can only advise on a suitable fan based upon the information that you provide. You can read more about DSEAR regulations and the importance of hazardous area classifications here

Transparent & Accurate Component Labelling for Safe ATEX Placement

The requirements for ATEX labelling and marking are the same irrespective of the component being certified by an ATEX notified body, or self certified by the manufacturer. ATEX labelling ensures traceability of components to source in the marketplace, while adhering to key legislation of clear and accurate hazardous area marking to determine its safe and intended use.

2014/34/EU Directive

It lays down essential health and safety requirements and leaves it to standards, primarily European harmonised standards, to give technical expression of the relevant requirements contained in the Directive. The ATEX Directive provides for harmonised requirements and procedures to establish compliance for products placed on the EU market for the first time.

The ATEX Directive carries specific obligations for the person (natural or legal) who makes products available on the market and/or puts products into service, be it the manufacturer, its authorised representative, the importer or the distributor.

ATEX Certification

We advise our customers to be weary of false ATEX declarations in the UK market, and therefore offer a higher level of transparancy about the certification of our ATEX Fan components. 

Inline with ATEX Directive requirements, depending on the risk level of the equipment, our ATEX axial fans electrical and non electrical components are either:

  • ATEX certified by notified body LOM
  • Self certified at source with a technical file lodged at the notified body. (zone 1 mechanical parts, electrical parts by notified body)
  • Self certified with technical file held at source (zone 2 mechanical only)

In all circumstances a technical file is lodged with the notified body LOM to cover the electrical elements to ATEX certify that the fan does not act as a source of ignition in hazardous environments and therefore does not cause an explosion. 

Each ATEX fan product has a declaration of confirmity that explicitly states it electrical and none electrical labelling and use criteria. 

Ex eb ATEX Protection

Equipment is designed and manufactured with components which prevent igniton sources being generated internally such as static discharges or high temperatures. Suitable for zone 1 area use. 

For Further Information Review: 

EN60079-7 Explosive atmospheres part 7: Equipment protection by increased safety "e".

Certified by notified body LOM. 

Ex ec ATEX Protection

The motor enclosure is constructed and certfied as "Explosion Protected" according to the "Increased Safety" standard. Suitable for zone 2 non sparking (formally Ex nA) hazardous areas.

For Further Information Review: 

EN60079-7 Explosive atmospheres part 7: Equipment protection by increased safety "e".

Self certified with technical file held by notified body LOM.

Ex h ATEX Protection

Ex h refers to the design and construction of non electrical parts of the fan including the housing and other mechanical parts such as rotating impellers and inlet rings. 

All Casals ventilation ATEX fans are certified Ex h construction inline with the ATEX Directive. Fans are designed of rigid construction, from carefully paired sparkroof materials, and adhere to clearances of rotating and stationary parts to prevent sparks from friction and rubbing.