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Radial Fans & Material Handling Fans

Radial Fans & Material Handling Fans

Centrifugal Fans with Straight Bladed Impellers for Solid Material Transport

Material handling fans or radial fans are required where solid and bulky materials need to be handled or conveyed, for example in food processing or biomass applications. In food processing applications, the likes of flour, sugar and grain need to be transported effectively and efficiently to manufacture the end product, it is likely that in these scenarios, an ATEX material handling fan is required due to the combustible nature of the solids. 

We recommend contacting a member of our technical team to discuss your project requirements in depth. Alternatively complete an enquiry form specifying as much information as possible to enable us to select an appropriate material handling fan.

Material handling fans featuring radial straight bladed impellers are suitable

For Dust & Solid Transportation: Designed for Inline Installations

The Casals range of industrial centrifugal fans with radial straight bladed impellers offer versatility in extremely dusty environments as well as when moving clean air due to their ability to withstand material build up. Rugged in design and construction, the range includes both standard motor and belt driven configurations to suit the requirements of the application.  

Rugged Construction & Design to Ensure Optimal Performance in Heavy Material Applications

Balancing the nature of the material present in the application, with the required air velocity required to ensure optimal performance of the fan, is something our experts can work with you to achieve. Our material handling fans offer the pressure and airflow range required to cover all duties. 

ATEX Options

Ex h labelled ATEX fan constructions are available on a wide range of Casals heavy industrial fans, suitable for zone 1 and 2 gas, or zone 21 and 22 dust environments. 

Contact our team with your hazardous area classification information so that we can make a safe and accurate ATEX fan selection.

Materials for Handling

Materials in food processing and biomass applications such as the likes of flour, sugar, grain, woodchip etc need to be transported effectively and efficiently while taking into account their potential for combustion.

Designed with inline installation in mind, radial fans are suitable for material handling in applications like biomass and food processing. The MBZM P/R series is suitable for solid material transport and textile material transport. Whereas, the AA,  MA and MB ranges are not recommended to move textile materials but are ideal for any other forms of material handling.