ATEX Fans - Making the Right Choice

The specification and purchase of ATEX fans is difficult enough given the need to understand and meet the various directives and regulations governing their special application. Once having found an ATEX fan that satisfies a particular risk assessment there is the added problem of trying to find a sufficient choice of fan to meet other important criteria. We can help you to avoid making the inevitable compromises by providing a greater range of ATEX fans than is available from any other source.


Axair manufactures two ranges of fan in moulded polypropylene; carbon-loaded to prevent static discharges. They are available for Category 3G Zone 2 applications and can be supplied with EEx nA (non-incendive) motors. Thermistors are fitted as standard, and heaters in motors above 0,75kW rated output. Axair SA range fans cover air flow rates up to 10000m³/h and pressures to 1500pascals. Axair STA range fans provide pressures to 2000pascals at moderate flow rates. Being corrosion resistant, Axair's ATEX polypropylene fans can handle aggressive chemical fumes internally, whilst externally they are protected against the weather. This means you don't have buy a fan that is designed for a warm dry situation indoors but install it outside where it will be bleached by the sun and eaten by rust.


Axair supplies Casals fans in mild steel, cast aluminium and stainless steel. In every case the fan components are either prevented from contact sparking in normal operation or are made of non-sparking copper and aluminium. All Casals ATEX fans can be specified for ATEX Category 2 Zone 1 or Zone 2 applications, if required, and are supplied with the option of Ex ec (non sparking protection) or Ex eb (enhanced protection) motors.


Changes to ATEX markings:

  • The former Ex nA ATEX (non-sparking protection), is now Ex ec , and this ATEX option is suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22 Non-Conductive Dust.
  • Ex “d” (dc & db (Flameproof)) classifications are now Ex eb (enhanced protection), suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 22 Conductive Dust. The Ex db version is available on request.


Casals MBX forward curved fans are available to 9500m³/h and up to 2000pascals fan static pressure. Casals Nimus/Nimax backward-curved fans are available to 85000m³/h and up to 3200pascals pressure. Casals Max forward-curved fans are a robust cast aluminium construction with pressure developments up to 1750pascals at moderate flow rates. View ATEX centrifugal fans for plant rooms.


Axair distributes and selectively stocks Casals plate and cased axial fans for the ventilation of buildings and rooms where explosive gasses diluted in air are expected to be present. Ex d motors are standard on the plate fans but there is Ex ec motors on the cased models. Casals HJBMX all-aluminium plate fans, with impellers to ø560, are available with extract rates to 12000m³/h. Casals HBX steel plate and aluminium impeller fans to 1250, will extract up to 100000m³/h. Casals HCX/HMX cased fans, with aluminium impellers to 1250, will handle up to 100000m³/h. View ATEX Axial Fans.


Axair distributes Rosenberg ATEX fans in a wide variety of designs for Category 3 Zone 2 applications. The fans are dimensionally compact to save space in equipment and are driven by external rotor motors of the Ex e (increased safety) type. Of special interest is a Rosenberg in-line duct fan, with ø315 inlet and discharge spigots, that is powered by an external rotor motorised backward-curved impeller.