EX Rated Fans Available on Short Lead Times

Axair Fans UK Limited distributes EX rated ATEX Category 2 Zone 1 metal centrifugal fans for indoor or sheltered outdoor installation. All metal ATEX products are manufactured by Casals and are accredited by Notified Body LOM as satisfying the standards contained in ATEX Directive 94/9/CE. We've an extensive range of Casals EX Rated Fans available in a total of 144 models driven by a variety of motor types, rated outputs and speeds. The maximum possible air flow rate is 85000m³/h and the maximum pressure development is 3200pascals static. In general, Casals EX rated fans comply with ATEX code Ex II 2G IIC T4, which is for surface industries (not mining). Installation is permitted in Category 2 Gas (Zone 1) areas where any Group IIA or IIC gas diluted in air may be present in normal operation. The maximum motor surface temperature T4 (135°C) will prevent spontaneous combustion of all but a small number of highly volatile gasses in T5 and T6 temperature class. The fans can be installed where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally. (T5 & T6 POA). Learn more about temperature classes here.


Casals MBX/ATEX range has multi-vane forward-curved impellers in scroll housings and is suitable for air flow rates up to 9500m³/h and pressure to 2000pascals according to model. The constructional materials are generally anti-corrosion treated galvanised steel but the fan inlet rings are in copper or aluminium to prevent contact sparking. Other versions are available in stainless steel or aluminium. The Casals MAX range is an EX rated fan which has long forward-curved impellers in scroll housings, is suitable for moderate air flow rates up to 2200m³/h, and has the highest pressure development of 1750pascals. Casals MAX ATEX fans are constructed entirely in cast aluminium, they also include non-sparking features. Casals NIMUS/NIMAX ATEX range has backward-curved impellers in scroll housings and can handle the highest air flow rate of 85,000m³/h in NIMUS 1002 T4 55KW model . High static pressures can be developed using 2pole motor speeds, for example the NIMAX 504 T2 15KW at 2900rpm can develop 3200pascals.


Understanding EX Rated Fans Coding

Electric motors may be selected as Ex ec (non-sparking protection) or Ex-eb (enhanced protection). All fans equipped with Ex-eb motors have pedestals on account of the motor weight, but MBX fans with Ex ec motors only have pedestals from MBX 2.2/9 model upwards. Standard ATEX motors are IP55 ingress protected for indoor installation but could be installed outdoors with a ventilated weather shelter covering the motor. For optimum weather protection in ATEX Category 3 situations, and for the handling of corrosive fumes, the ideal choices are from Axair SA and STA ranges in semi-conducting moulded polypropylene.


Changes to ATEX markings

  • The former Ex nA ATEX (non-sparking protection), nomenclature now is Ex ec , and this ATEX option is suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22 Non-Conductive Dust.
  • Nowadays, Ex “d” (dc & db (Flameproof)) classifications is not a standard one for us because we are using Ex eb (enhanced protection), suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 22 Conductive Dust. The Ex db option is always for us an under request alternative.

Axair can supply fans suitable for ATEX applications within zone 1 & 2 manufactured from either metal or corrosion resistant polypropylene depending on the specification.

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