In-Line Ducted Fans

In-Line Ducted Fans

Versatile, rigid and mechanically balanced channel fans.

This range of inline duct fans is powered by high efficiency backward curved motorised impellers, with profiled blades for high airflow, low noise and low running costs with the possibility to mount a bracket.

These are amongst the quietest fan units while maintaining high airflows (230 to 1725m³/h free air). All inlet and discharge spigots diameters are standard. They also feature air guide vanes in the casing to straighten the air to reduce noise turbulences.

Mechanical vibrations: Balance quality requirements for rotors. 

Each inline duct fan unit is balanced according to quality level G2.5, DIN, as required in ISO 1940. Balancing a fan reduces mechanical stress and the risk of breakage, or noise caused by vibrations and improves the overall efficiency of the entire fan system. 

Ball Bearings

Each unit is fitted with maintenance free, long lasting ball bearings, closed on both sides, therefore sealed for life.

Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets allow the ducted fan to be fixed to flat surfaces, Available to buy online as a complementary item. 


A complete range of accessories including speed controllers, gravity louvre shutters, fast clamps, dampers and more are available on request. Contact our team to discuss availability.

EC Energy Efficient

Our In line duct fans are available with an energy efficient motor for those applications where low energy consumption is a priority. 

ATEX Zone 2

An ATEX version (Ex II 3G IIB T2) is available on variable lead times, Suitale for zone 2 potentially hazardous environments. Please note, to supply an ATEX industrial fan the ATEX zone must be explicitly communicated to us. A DSEAR assessment is the responsibility of the end user. 

Channel Fans with High Rigidity, Hardness & Mechanical Strength

RS range of inline duct fan housing is manufactured using polyamide PA6 reinforced with 15% glass fibre. A material characterised by high rigidity, hardness, durability and high mechanical strength. It's ability to absorb vibration and impact resistance adds to it performance enhancing features, making it the ideal noise optimised unit for axial air flow, high efficiency and low noise applications such as industrial, horticultural and electronic ventilation. 


AC In-line Duct Fans

Inline duct fans are available to purchase securely using Paypal, debit or credit cards on our ecommerce website Click the link below to view product specific details.

In-line Ducted Fans - Axair Fans
In-line Ducted Fans - Axair Fans
Inline Duct Fans - Axair Fans
Inline Duct Fans - Axair Fans

EC In-line Duct Fans

EC inline duct fans are available with energy efficient motors. 

Contact our team to discuss lead times.