Long Cased Axial Fans

Long Cased Axial Fans

Effective Solutions for High Volume In-Line Ducted Ventilation Systems

High power long cased axial fans provide an effective solution in applications where large air volumes must be conveyed against low to medium pressure and benefit from low installation depths and versatile mounting positions. They feature adjustable blades enabling them to cover a wide capacity range due to the variation possibilities with the number of blades and blade angles.

With an extensive range of long cased axial fans, contact us to make a fan selection that suits your system requirements to match size and operating duties.

Long cased axial fans with variable pitch angled blades for

Optimised Airflow Rates that Match Specific Operating Duties

Manufactured by our principle suppliers, Rosenberg Ventilation or Casals Ventilation, our range of long cased axial fans are ideal for use in duct mounted applications moving clean or contaminated air supply and extraction. Variable pitched angled blades deliver optimised operating performance. Discuss your system requirements with our team and we'll choose the right impeller type, fan size and construction materials to ensure your project delivers on its air movement objectives. 

Versatile and High Performance Long Cased Axial Fans

Due to the versatility of the range including the number of blades, blade angles, construction materials, ATEX construction and paint coatings, our long cased axial fans are suitable for a diverse number of applications. Our fan engineers are here to provide fan selection support and application know how to ensure you get the best industrial fan solution for your project. 


Restaurants, gynasiums, conference rooms, workshops, warehouses, swimming pools, greenhouses, air conditioning, process, food processing, biomass, biofuel and renewables and general industrial ventilation. 

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ATEX Versions

ATEX certified long cased axials are constructed and manufactured inline with the ATEX Directive to ensure both electrical and non electrical parts are certified for use in hazardous environments. 

View the ATEX range page for more information.