HMX Long Cased Axial Fans

HMX Long Cased Axial Fans

Suitable for ATEX Zone 1 & 2 Gas, or Zone 22 Dust Environments

Our fan integration experts can select the correct HMX long cased axial fan for your application to match your required duties. The HMX fan series is designed to provide higher airflow rates and certified for use in hazardous ATEX gas and dust zones. We offer a wide range of ATEX rated fans and can offer you the best solution to enhance efficiency and performance.

The ATEX rated series of HMX axial fans suitable for hazardous atmospheres

Offer Explosion Protection in Zone 1 & 2 Gas, or Zone 22 Dust Environments

HMX long cased axial fans provide increased mechanical strength and corrosive resistance. They feature a cast aluminium impeller and reinforced, steel fan casing with a polyester powder coated finish. HMX axial fans are designed for wall or duct installation and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Motor-Impeller Modular Assembly for Complete Versatility

Featuring adjustable blades, the HMX series of long cased axial fans can provide a wide range of duties with precise and controlled higher airflow rates.

Available Fan Types

HM: Polypropylene impeller (A2 profile) or polyamide impeller reinforced with fibreglass (other profiles) with variable pitch angle.

HMA: Cast aluminium impeller with variable pitch angle.

HMX: Cast aluminium impeller ATEX rated

Suitable Applications

Designed for wall or duct installation, HMX axial fans are suitable for:
• Air renewal in buildings and industries
• Smoke extraction (max 40ºC)
• Maximum working temperature: ambient from -20ºC to 40ºC
• Ventilation in indoor environments classified as ATEX

Available on Request

• B-form or 100% reversible impeller
• 60Hz fans and special voltages

Technical Data

HMX fan models are paired with an ATEX standard asynchronous motor manufactured with standard voltages: 230/400V 50Hz in three phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers.

Fan Type Voltage
Power (kW)
Current (A)
Max Temp
IP Rating
GKHM 355-CIG.102.5HF IE Gen3 (IE5) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 2.33 3.7 at 400V 3120 40 IP54
GKHM 400-CIG.114.6FF IE Gen3 (IE5) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 4.48 7 at 400V 3170 40 IP54
GKHM 450-CIG.128.6IF IE Gen3 (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 5.9 9.05 at 400V 2950 40 IP54
GKHM 500-CIG.143.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 7.48 11.4 at 400V 2625 40 IP54
GKHM 560-CIG.160.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 6.85 10.7 at 400V 2125 40 IP54
GKHM 630-CIG.180.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 5.1 7.88 at 400V 1580 40 IP54