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Ecofit was established in 1976 to design and manufacture fans and electric motors. The company now occupies a 5000m² production site in Vendôme, France, and has been a part of Group Rosenberg since 1994.

The fan range manufactured by Ecofit is designed to help original equipment manufacturers to save space within their products and, if necessary, to obtain speed control by means of low cost triac electronic or auto-transformer voltage variation. This objective is achieved through utilising external rotor motor technology available in AC, DC or EC versions. For more details of this special type of motor click here.

The Ecofit product range encompasses:


Since 1993 all Ecofit products have been manufactured within an ISO 9002 quality control system, airflow tested to NFX 10-200 standard, sound tested to NF 531-026, and balanced to ISO 1940 defined limits.

In addition to a vast range of standard products Ecofit will construct fans containing such features as non-standard voltage, 60Hz frequency (if not standard), for UL/CSA recognition, and for special ambient conditions and duties.

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