High Voltage Railway & Rolling Stock Fans

High Voltage Railway & Rolling Stock Fans

Compact Fan Assemblies for Optimal Performance in Railway Applications

Modern rail transport technology has a great demand for high-quality fans worldwide. Specially designed fans used in underground and suburban railways, regional and high speed trains for the cooling of traction engines, transformers, electronics and air-conditioners. Our fans have successfully been in use in these demanding applications on every for many years and meet the most diverse requirements with regard to mechanical shock, temperature range and power supply.

Axair Fans UK Limited, in partnership with the Rosenberg Group of companies (including Rosenberg, ECOFIT and ETRI) can offer a complete selection of fans and air movement products for railway applications, particularly for rolling stock.

 For air movement products suitable for lightrail to high-speed trains, we offer an innovative range of

Fans That Meet The Diverse Mechanical and Electrical Requirements of Railway Applications

Through research and development of air movement products for railway applications, Rosenberg has positioned themselves as the world’s largest supplier of motorised impellers to the rail industry. Their range of backward curved motorised impellers are the perfect fit for supply/evaporator or exhaust fans in railway passenger or driver cabins. Available in two variants, the DKHM and DKHR models offer optimal performance with no drive belt and no external motor or shaft. Available in sizes 225 to 630mm, they can provide air movement up to 15 300 m³/h and their compact footprint is as small as 227x169mm which makes them an excellent choice for high-efficiency evaporator applications.

Our customers have delivered railway retrofit projects from the Manchester Metrolink to the London Underground. To specify fans for your rail or rolling stock application or for more information, contact our team of Rosenberg product sales engineers, email [email protected] or call 01782 349 430.

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Unparalleled Experience in Rail Air Movement Systems

The Rosenberg Group possess unparalleled experience in the development of rail air movement systems and have worked with OEM customers such as Bombardier, Alstom, Stadler and Siemens. Together, Axair and The Rosenberg group can provide systems for high-speed, long distance trains and short distance, regional trains, as well as city trains, metros and trams. All Rosenberg Group rail products are designed and manufactured to comply with the highest International railway standards. If required, we can utilise the group’s R&D Engineering Team to assist in the development of innovative bespoke solutions.

First Grade Upgrades

Most rail fans are specifically made to comply with customer specifications and the expected harshness of rolling stock railway environments. Others are simply upgraded versions of standard fans such as the Ecofit GRF single inlet forward curved centrifugal fan.

The GRF was primarily designed for operating with HEPA filters for pharmaceutical applications and toxic environment filtration systems. It consists of a high power external rotor motor fitted in a standard single inlet scroll assembly.

In order to provide extra stability for the over-sized motor, Ecofit adapted a double shaft motor (normally found in a double inlet configuration) and added an air inlet guard and double shafts to hold the motor on the scroll. The result is a rather odd-looking but very efficient assembly, which even with a standard power of over 400Watts still complies with the forthcoming Energy Related Products ErP 2015 directive (only applicable for the standard ref).

The railway version is an upgrade from this assembly. The standard design is already suited to resist the vibrations that are generated on railway applications; the upgrade benefits from improved environmental protection, increased from IP54 to IP56, for humidity, dust and water ingress protection, as well as a polyzinc black finish on the motor, impeller, scroll, guard and back plate.

The fan motor has been lowered to 250Watts, and accommodates a 2 speed control by winding, depending on the wiring (delta or star connection). The unit is electrically resistant to voltages peaks, with the fan cable compliant to railway applications standards.

For more information, see our Fans For Railway Applications page, see how we help keep trains on track or contact one of our engineers today.

Schaultbau Case Study

Schaltbau Transportation UK are a mechanical and electrical engineering company that provide a full overhaul package to bring rolling stock HVAC systems and products back to day one condition. Their dedicated HVAC team are available to support all maintenance requirements at their facility in Milton Keynes or via their mobile service team at customers’ sites. They will provide analysis of the systems, make recommendations for improved performance and reliability and will handle obsolescence issues.

Schaltbau approached Axair looking for costs to replace the bearings on three different fan references for a HVAC rolling stock refurbishment project for their end customer. Axair offers solutions to a wide range of rail and rolling stock applications including cab and passenger compartment cooling, component cooling of the drive and braking system and switch cabinet ventilation. In this case, passenger compartment ventilation was the focus.

After a period of consultation in conjunction with Axair’s supplier partner Rosenberg GmbH, Schaltbau were presented with two distinct options; replacement of the bearings as originally requested or the complete replacement of the old units with brand new units built in Germany. In the end, the preferred solution was to go ahead with brand new stock.

One of the issues that was solved with opting for a new unit, rather than rebearing the old unit, was the relatively high failure rate of the motor during the operation of replacing the old bearings. Secondly, lead times could be handled much better as fans did not have to travel twice across Europe before being refitted to the HVAC units they came from.

DKHR rolling stock fanThe fan specified was the DKHR 500 which manages the necessary operating points reliably and with minimum space requirements. The impeller is made of aluminium (AlMg3) with 7 backward curved blades and efficiency optimised circumferential diffusor with pressure orientated behaviour. The motorised impeller is statically and dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 1940 G6.3 maintenance-free ball bearings, closed on both sides with long-term lubrication. The motor is protected via thermal contacts, which are inlaid into the motor windings. These contacts protect the motor from being overloaded through phase failure, too high medium temperature or locked rotor.

For more information on fans for rail and rolling stock, call us on 01782 349 430, email [email protected] or see our dedicated rail applications page.

Metrolink Case Study

Manchester Metrolink is a light rail tram system in Greater Manchester. The system is owned by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and operated and maintained under contract by RATP Group.

The rail network consists of seven lines which radiate from Manchester City Centre to terminals at Altrincham, Ashton-under-Lyne, Bury, East Didsbury, Eccles, Manchester Airport and Rochdale. Metrolink has 93 stops along 57 miles of track making it the largest light rail system in the United Kingdom. It consists of a mixture of on-street track shared with other traffic and reserved track, segregated from other traffic, often running alongside the roadway or in the central reservation, and converted former railway lines. The network is operated by a fleet of Bombardier Flexity Swift M5000s.

Axair Fans has been approached several times over the networks 20+ year lifetime to aid with the fleet’s minor and major overhauls.

Fans are replaced with every minor and major service as they are placed in a particularly harsh part of the train and are subject to a large amount of dust intake during the summer and salt atmosphere from road maintenance during the winter months.

Axair AC Fan Models:
Two models of fan are fitted from French manufacturer Ecofit both are protected by an IP55 rating and salt spray protective finishes.

Z36-04 2 VRE 45 250V Axial fan (230v Single Phase) IP55 Salt spray protected.

Z36-03 2 GRE 45 160x62R Forward curved centrifugal fan (230V single phase), single inlet, IP55 Salt Spray protected.

The IP 55 rating is obtained by encapsulating the motor windings in an epoxy resin under a vacuum which not only encases the motor windings keeping the elements out but also provides extremely high grade insulation between motor winding phases. This insulation provides a low failure rate and enables the small motors to withstand the harsh electrical supply provided by the networks transformer and inverter controlled power line.

The salt spray protection is a type of paint finish added to the scroll, motor rotor and axial blades of the fans to protect the metal parts from corrosion.

For more information about Axair’s expertise and capability in supplying Rail Fans, please contact us on 01782 349 430 or click here to see our applications page. 

Rail Specific

The workplace of the train operator places high technical demands on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Whether roof-mounted systems, integrated roof units or sub floor systems – our free running impellers in the DKHR/M (EC variant GKHR/M) series are ideal for the air movement required. ERA centrifugal fans, axial fans in the AKF/AKS series and REE and VRE fans in the ECOFIT series are perfect for this application.

Component cooling of the drive and braking system

A rail vehicle traction chain consists of a variety of elements, such as traction engines or traction inverter. Accumulating heat loss must be diverted to avoid damaging overheating. The same applies to components of the braking systems of trains. Free-running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), ERA/DRA centrifugal fans and GDF fans in the ECOFIT series are ideally suited for these applications.

Passenger compartment air conditioning

Comfort for the passenger has priority in railway technology. Fans from the Rosenberg group are the right choice for a pleasant climate in the carriages. They manage the necessary operating points within integrated system solutions reliably and with minimum space requirements. For example, our free running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), fans in the DRA series, GDF centrifugal fans in the ECOFIT series as well as axial fans in the AKF/AKS series meet these requirements.

Switch cabinet ventilation / Cooling of electronics

The construction of railway vehicles includes many electronic components which are frequently housed in switch cabinets. Here, too, sufficient heat dissipation is required to protect sensitive electrical components from overheating. Our free running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), ERA centrifugal fans or REE, GDF as well as 200D fans in the ECOFIT series were developed specifically for this application area.

A high-precision power supply within the on-board power supply system of railway vehicles is state of the art nowadays. Here too, system components such as inverters are also used which must be cooled, as, for example, in the propulsion system of trains. Free-running impellers in the DKHR/M series (EC variant GKHR/M), ERA/DRA centrifugal fans and GDF fans in the ECOFIT series are ideally suited for these cooling applications.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your rail project in depth on 01782 349 430, alternatively email us at [email protected].

Axair Fans UK Limited, in partnership with the Rosenberg Group of companies (including Rosenberg, ECOFIT and ETRI) can offer a complete selection of fans and air movement products for railway applications, particularly for rolling stock.

Rosenberg & Ecofit fans are all external rotor motors, offering:

- Compact assemblies.
- Wide range of airflows/pressures
- Optimum efficiency
- Speed controllability
- Low noise level
- Low maintenance

The range is composed of:

- Compact frame axial fans & high performance fans from ETRI
- Single or double inlet centrifugal forward curved fans, backward curved motorised impellers (up to Ø315) and axial flow fans (up to Ø400), motor power up to 250Wa from ECOFIT
- Single or double inlet centrifugal forward curved fans, backward curved motorised impellers (up to Ø630) and axial flow fans (up to Ø1000).

Axair Fans UK has an extensive experience in fans for Railway applications, including:

- Fans for air conditioning in driver’s cabin and passenger compartment
- Cooling of components of the propulsion and braking system
- Switchgear & electronic control panel cooling
- Component cooling for on-board transformer system
- Rolling stock and railway OEM customers will benefit from:

An unparalleled experience gained from past projects, consolidated by a strong partnership between Rosenberg, Ecofit & Etri

An extensive range of products, all manufactured under the same standards
R&D Engineering team to assist in the development of a new product design.