Industrial Roof Fans

Industrial Roof Fans

Industrial Axial & Centrifugal Fans Specifically Designed for Roof Installation

Available in either vertical or horizontal discharge depending on the setting, industrial roof fans in axial or centrifugal constructions can be mounted to almost any design of roof inlcuding saddle, flat and pent roofs. A choice of AC, EC and IEC motors are available, all of which offer noise attenuating versions, with ATEX certified roof fans available on request.

Axial and centrifugal roof fans available with vertical or horizontal discharge are

An Integral Component for Effective Industrial Air Circulation

Easy to install and maintain, industrial roof fans are mounted on the roof and work in conjuntion with effective ventilation systems to provide a safe and effective method of managing air quality, temperature an circulation in industrial facilities.

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Efficient, Effective & Quiet Roof Fans for A Wide Array of Applications 

Whether supermarket or warehouse ventilation, air renewal in factory buildings in industries or leisure facilities, process cooling, enclosure ventilation, wind turbine nacelle cooling or industrial, commercial or agricultural ventilation, industrial roof fans are a cost effective, efficient and quiet installation that provide an immediate solution. Ourcase studies show the versatility of this core industrial roof fan range. 

Warehouse Case Study

Warehouse Ventilation Is an important factor for many businesses…

According to energy advisors, warehouses spend on average 15% of their budget on energy bills every year. Mechanical ventilation can contribute to a high percentage of this spend. In this update we explore the importance of effective warehouse ventilation.

Like many hazards, poor ventilation poses a risk to employee health, machines and equipment as well as goods and products. To avoid negative impacts on businesses ventilation hazards must be eliminated. These include a reduction in productivity, a decreased yield, machines or equipment malfunctioning and damages to goods.

Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, indoor air quality is a significant factor in productivity and behaviour. Warehouses however, with their vast storage areas and high ceilings that are in constant change due to stock movement and distribution, face ongoing ventilation and temperature battles. Natural ventilation can help to maintain a good air quality but it is often difficult to maintain a uniform air temperature distribution. In summer, an incorrectly ventilated warehouse can become overheated as temperatures rise and machinery rolls on, while in winter the cold air from outside will rush in through the open doors and create discomfort.

Commercial roof fans can be used as an efficient and cost effective solution to maintain the indoor air quality within commercial warehouses and to increase the comfort level and productivity of employees.

Axair Fans & Warehouse Ventilation…

Warehouse VentilationWarehouse ventilation projects are common occurrences at Axair. Having recently been approached to fit out a large production warehouse with no ventilation we are all to familiar with the challenges facing businesses. Especially as excessive heat and dust build up is highly detrimental to goods and products and can result in severe losses to a business.

Following a visit to the site to examine the requirements, the use of multiple commercial centrifugal roof fans CHT-56-6T by Sodeca, with horizontal outlet air hood in aluminium to draw out the old stale air was advised. The use of multiple fans over one large fan was advised to ensure the even distribution of ventilation across the building. The arrangement of the aluminium hooded CHT-56-6T also allows for easy fixing onto the roof via a galvanised sheet steel fixing plate and is designed for higher pressure applications as an alternative to a standard axial fan.

It is important to remember all aspects of a business. Warehousing is commonly one area that can be neglected. In any warehouse, companies will be looking to save money but they also have a responsibility to their staff. Productive employees should be provided with a comfortable working environment.

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Paradise Wildlife Park

Axair were recently approached by a zoo in the process of building a new enclosure for their lions due to open in the Easter break. Our quiet, efficient Rosenberg roof fans were the ideal solution.

Set in 30 acres of Hertfordshire woodland, the award winning zoo is home to over 500 exotic wild animals including tigers, snow leopards, jaguars, zebras, lemurs, meerkats, red pandas and tapirs. It also offers a full program of daily animal shows and events like On Safari Adventure Golf, Jungle Theatre, Woodland Railway, Tumble Jungle & Paradise Lagoon. The wildlife park boasts the biggest

During the final stages of construction of the new lion enclosure, the zoo anticipated issues with the smell from the indoor part of the enclosure. As this area will incorporate a viewing zone which the public will have access to, we were asked to solve the odour and ventilation problem. James Keeling, part of the team of Axair Sales Engineers who specialises in Rosenberg solutions, looked at the size of the enclosure and calculated the air movement requirements. He also needed to take into account how to overcome the health and safety issues relating to the animals and public being put in harm’s way by any kind of extraction equipment.

Working with the zoo’s Operations Manager, it was agreed that because the enclosure was new and temporarily uninhabited, the most efficient, quiet, economic and safe solution was to fit roof fans. The fans will be run during opening hours for both the comfort of the animals in the summer and to remove any unwanted odours for the benefit of the public.

Here at Axair, we keep a wide selection of roof fans in stock so we can ensure short lead times. In this instance, we needed to supply a solution that could be on-site ready for installation in 1-2 working days. We offer a choice of EC and AC single phase and three phase fans. The zoo opted for two single phase 355Ø roof fans. Because the roof of the enclosure was pitched, the fans were mounted on specially fabricated bases within a very short timescale.

The lions and visitors to the zoo will be enjoying a well ventilated, odour controlled environment this Easter.

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