CTH3 Smoke Extraction Roof Fans

CTH3 Smoke Extraction Roof Fans

Available in Standard and ATEX Versions

Manufacturing Features:
Centrifugal roof fan made of aluminium.

Structure, roof base support and bird protection guard made of galvanised steel.
High efficiency backward impeller with self-cleaning system of steel.
Standard asynchronous motor with IP-55 protection and Class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230V 50Hz in 1~ motors, 230/400V 50Hz in 3~ motors and 400V 50Hz in 2 speed motors.

CTH3 centrifugal roof fans featuring high efficiency backward curved impellers are

Designed for Emergency Smoke Extraction and Commercial Kitchen Hoods

CTH3 smoke extraction roof fans eliminate the harmful effects created when high temperatures and humidity make work and physical effort difficult. They also help extend the life of the structural elements of buildings and warehouses by preventing condensation and humidity. An adequate ventilation system in industrial buildings will considerably reduce cooling and heating expenditure. This type of system easily, continuously and effectively eliminates heat and humidity. The Axair smoke extraction roof fans can be adapted to any type of roof. Their different models offer the perfect solution for each installation, thus optimising its operation.

Operates at Higher Temperatures

CTH3 roof fans offer a maximum continuous operation temperature up to 80ºC and a maximum ambient temperature up to 50ºC. They are specially designed for roof installation and commonly used for smoke extraction, air renewal in buildings and industries and industrial and professional kitchen hoods.

Available Fan Types

CTH3: Centrifugal roof fan with backward curved impeller

CTH3 ATEX: ATEX certified version 


It is very important for roof-mounted fans to be easy to clean, as they are very difficult to access. The maintenance of all the extraction system elements is essential and very important to achieve a high standard of cleaning and obtain the required grade of hygiene in each installation, thus preventing the possibility of handling contaminated air particles. Ease in the maintenance and installation of roof equipment leads to important cost savings, which is a factor to be considered.

Suitable Applications

•Smoke extraction
•Smoke emergency exhaust with motor outside the hazardous area
•Air renewal in buildings and industries
•Industrial and professional kitchen hoods
•Maximum continuous working temperature: carried air 80ºC, environment 60ºC for 3~ and 50ºC for 1~ motors

Available on Request

•60Hz and special voltages
•Sparking proof fan with EEx_d certified motor

Technical Data

CTH3 fans are paired with a standard asynchronous motor manufactured with standard voltages: 230V 50Hz in single phase motors, 230/400V 50Hz  in three phase motors and 400V 50Hz in 2 speed motors.