EC Plug Fans with I Impeller

EC Plug Fans with I Impeller

Latest Gen Aluminium EC Plug Fans Designed for High Airflow Applications

The latest I-Series volume-flow oriented five-blade aluminium backward curved impeller offers improved efficiency and less noise than earlier designs or competitive products. Depending on fan size and operating point, our new impeller increases efficiencies by up to 11% while reducing noise levels by more than 12%. It is available with Gen3 and Gen3+ EC motors operating with up to 7kW of power input.

I-series motorised impellers featuring backward curved aerofoil blades offer

The Latest in High Efficiency, High Volume Orientated Plug Fans

To complement the existing range of energy efficient EC backward curved plug fans, Rosenberg have manufactured the latest in high efficiency plug fan; the I series. The aluminium (AIMg3) motorised impeller is statically and dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 21940 - 11 at least, with quality level G6.3. I Series blades are positioned diagonally and top flared to enable the discharge airflow direction to be optimised for the highest efficiency and flow rates. 

Perfectly Designed to Reduce Turbulent Downstream Air

The I impeller has 5 meticulously designed hollow profiled, aerofoil section blades contoured in sheet aluminium. The design significantly reduces the turbulent downstream air produced by traditional backward curved impellers. The effect of this reduction is significantly reduced noise and in-application efficiency.


Our stocked I series EC plug fans are in CCSI, contact us for more information.

Stocked Range

The I Series is a one of our most popular EC plug fans, therefore we stock fast moving references. Contact our OEM team to discuss our current lead times and availability. 

Generation 3+ Motor

100% speed controllable, the more powerful generation 3+ EC motor available on 3~ I series plug fans, automatically adjusts to the actual input power across the entire range, allowing reduced inventory cost and easier design-in. The 3~ 50-60Hz motors are rated IP54 and UL-R motor class F. Gen 3+ motors are 30% more powerful than previous versions.

The operating temperature range is -25C to +40C at full speed.

Gen 3+ motors exceed in accordance with IEC 60034-30-2 minimum requirements for IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency.

Integrations & Configurations

Electronic with integrated terminal box and environmental resistant cable glands. 100% speed controllable with integrated motor protection and soft start. ModBus RTU interface integrated. Busconfiguration possible on site. 

Technical Data & Drawings

When comparing the B series and I series impellers, using a smaller I impeller with a smaller motor can result in a cost saving of up to 10% when compared against similar operating characteristics. This can be seen in the comparison below. The I impeller shows a 450 diameter impeller, while the B impeller shows a 500 diameter impeller and a motor one size up. Sound power is also significantly reduced. 


GKHM 450-CII.147.6IF IE Gen3+  V's  GKHM 500-CIB.160.6NA IE Gen3+

I Wheel EC Plug Fan Comparison with B EWheel
I Wheel EC Plug Fan Comparison with B EWheel
Fan Type Voltage
Power (kW)
Current (A)
Max Temp
IP Rating
GKHM 450-CII.147.5HF IE GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 1.85 3.15 1815 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 450-CII.147.6FF IE GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 4.22 6.7 2400 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 450-CII.147.6IF GEN3+ 3~ 380-480 50/60 6.7 10.3 2800 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 500-CII.164.6IF IE GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 4.55 7 2065 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 500-CII.164.6NA IE GEN3+ 3~ 380-480 50/60 7.35 11.3 2425 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 500-CII.164.5HF GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 1.56 2.66 1425 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 560-CII.183.6NA GEN3+ 3~ 380-480 50/60 6.4 9.8 1920 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 560-CII.183.6FF GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 3 4.6 1480 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 560-CII.183.6IF GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 4.5 6.9 1705 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 630-CII.200.6NA IE GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 4.4 6.7 1475 -25-40 IE5 IP54
GKHM 630-CII.200.6IF GEN3 3~ 380-480 50/60 3.55 5.5 1380 -25-40 IE5 IP54