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About Axair Fans


Over 30 years of experience in industrial fans and fan integration

Axair Fans

Revolutionary Fan Expertise

Back in 1983, our passionate managing director set up Axair in a spare room with a solid goal: to provide air movement and fan components that create better systems, systems that help our customers to be more successful. Today the growing family business retains these values at its core. Through thoughtful selection of employees and solid leadership, the company has become a mature and well developed UK industrial fan supplier with a unique approach to fan selection, customer support, technical fan integration and resourcefulness. Over the last 30 years, Axair has built up its reputation of supplying the widest range of industrial fans available from a single source. As fan integration experts, our most valued quality lies in our technical understanding of almost every ventilation system’s requirements, enabling us to select the most suitable industrial fan for any project, couple this with our attentive and focused process of customer handling, we shake up the antiquated approach our customers are complacent to. Our customers say we revolutionise the way they do business with suppliers. 

Revolutionary Fan Expertise that Makes our customers' fan selections easier.

We advise and help to integrate the best solutions that increase efficiency, improve performance, and solve a problem. We're a united team dedicated to your success, and we're excited to demonstrate how working with us can revolutionise the way you do business with your fan component supplier. 

We Challenge the Status Quo
We provide alternative ideas that challenge existing procedures and thinking, so that we can improve and develop new solutions for our customers. 
We Understand, Apply and Give Back
We'll actually hear and digest our customers points as they make them, and wait for them to finish before offering our take. We'll call attention back to customer problems when discussing components that provide solutions. 
We Leverage Collective Genius
We create an environment where our people are encouraged to make the most of their skills and personality strengths. We focus on maximising each employees unique talents to ensure the right person is working on a project, ensuring best results each time. This means our customers get the most efficient solution every single time, with someone who understands their problem. Equally, if you're the genius in an area we're not 100% on, we'll leverage our listening skills to work collaboratively with you to ensure we develop the solution for your niche problem. 
We're Attentive and Focused
Being attentive to our customer needs mean we're always available. Wherever our customers reach out for assistance, we're there, online, phone, in person or via email. We're hyper focused and pay attention to crucial details and help our customers to prevent mistakes. With a strong backend process focused on quality, reducing mistakes and resolution in the rare event something does go wrong, we're always focused on the end result for you, the customer.
Were Resourceful and Solution Led
Our resourcefulness enables us to find ways to speedily overcome difficulties and achieve customer goals smartly. Our resourceful people are proactive, self-motivated, csutomer-centric, open-minded and positive in finding a solution to unique customer problems. If we don't have the product you need now, for example, if we can get it, we'll do our best and communiacte with you every step of the way. 


You'll recognise our value almost immediately. It's time to experience our

Revolutionary Fan Selection, Offer & Support Process

We understand that in today’s fast paced business environment, time is of the essence, that’s why we’ve enhanced our enquiry efficiency by integrating a singular technical team to handle your enquiries from start to finish. With this streamlined approach, we guarantee no continuous team handovers, rapid response times and highly accurate solutions that propel your success. If you're looking for technical support on a fan we've supplied, we'll be with you in no time. Work with a fan supplier who works hard to improve the inefficiencies our customers experience with our giant competitors in the UK fan industry, so that we can help them to get their work done easier and faster, this includes overcoming issues around

 Delayed Responses | Limited Availability | Complex Fan Selections | Pre-Sales Technical Advice | Inaccurate Performance Predictions | Inefficient Energy Consumption | Lack of After Sale Technical Support |  Inconsistent Quality | Limited Customisation Options 

The National Oceanographic Centre Retrofit Axair Fans
The National Oceanographic Centre Retrofit Axair Fans



Axair are proud to have been awarded, delivered and assisted to integrate the entire polypropylene fans schedule for the prestigious National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton. 

The National Oceanographic Centre Retrofit Axair Fans
The National Oceanographic Centre Retrofit Axair Fans



Axair are proud to have been awarded, delivered and assisted to integrate the entire polypropylene fans schedule for the prestigious National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton. 

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In a market we thorouoghly understand our industry leading pre sales and after sales technical support team, add value for one of the UK's leading air handling unit manufacturers. 

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Bournemouth Pathology Lab Retrofit Axair Fans
Bournemouth Pathology Lab Retrofit Axair Fans

Bournemouth Pathology

Our team showed a higher level of precision, technical ability, and overall customer care than the competition and were chosen for this project. Learn more about this new fume fan specification.