HJBMX Plate Axial Fans

HJBMX Plate Axial Fans

Ex H Construction with Ex db Motor Suitable for Zone 1 ATEX Atmospheres

HJBMX square plate axial fans offer a simple and cost effective solution to supply and exhaust ventilation in potentially explosive environments.  With airflows up to 12010 m³/h and adjustable blades the Casals HJBMX can be optimised to suit your specific duty requirements.

Reach out to our team of fan integration experts who can provide you with accurate, solution led fan selections, ensuring the highest efficiency and performance. We offer a full range of ATEX rated fans to suit a wide range of applications.

IMPORTANT: As all ATEX enquiries must be recorded in writing, please either email [email protected] or use the contact form below to get in touch. 

Lightweight & Versatile ATEX HJBMX Axial Fans are Suitable for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas

The HJBMX range of square plate axial fans are certified for use in ATEX zone 1 environments. They are made up of inox steel and feature PAGAS impellers which are light in weight with high tensile strength. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the HJBMX range provide increased corrosion resistance, durability and strength.

Featuring Variable Pitch Blades for Higher Airflow Rates

The HJBMX range of plate axial fans with variable pitch blades offer precise and controlled higher airflow rates for increased efficiency in performance. 

Suitable Applications

Designed for wall assembly, HJBMX ATEX plate axial fans are suitable for:

•Air renewal in buildings and industries
•Smoke extraction (max. 60ºC)
•General ventilation in closed environments classified as ATEX zone 1 with motor EEx_d
•Maximum working temperature: ambient from -20ºC to 60ºC

Available on Request

HJBMX plate axials are also available with the following options:

•60Hz fans and special voltages
•Stainless protection grid

Technical Data & Drawings

Certified according to 2014/34/EU, the HJBMX range of ATEX certified plate axial fans are supplied with an ATEX certified asynchronous motor manufactured with standard voltages 230V 50Hz for 1~ motors and 230/400V 50Hz for 3~ motors. A galvanised motor support and protection guard are also supplied, according to the ROHS 2002/95/EC Directive (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Fan Type Voltage
Power (kW)
Current (A)
Max Temp
IP Rating
GKHM 355-CIG.102.5HF IE Gen3 (IE5) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 2.33 3.7 at 400V 3120 40 IP54
GKHM 400-CIG.114.6FF IE Gen3 (IE5) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 4.48 7 at 400V 3170 40 IP54
GKHM 450-CIG.128.6IF IE Gen3 (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 5.9 9.05 at 400V 2950 40 IP54
GKHM 500-CIG.143.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 7.48 11.4 at 400V 2625 40 IP54
GKHM 560-CIG.160.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 6.85 10.7 at 400V 2125 40 IP54
GKHM 630-CIG.180.6NA IE Gen3+ (IE4) 3~ 380-480 50 / 60 5.1 7.88 at 400V 1580 40 IP54