ATEX Rated Fans

ATEX Rated Fans

Axair are an award winning UK supplier of ATEX fans manufactured by leading Global ATEX fan manufacturer Casals Ventilation. We currently offer the shortest lead times in the UK market on our explosion proof range of fans suitable for hazardous environments within zone 1 and 2 gas, and zone 21 or 22 dust.

Construction materials include stainless steel, polypropylene and aluminum. All ATEX rated fans are tested and manufactured to meet the requirements of the ATEX 2014/34/EU & UKCA Ex implemented by UK legislation post Brexit to ensure safe and regulated use in the UK market.

The exact type of ATEX fan you require is dependent on the application, temperature, materials, airflow and pressure required. Our industrial team are extensively trained on explosive and hazardous atmospheres, and will help you to select the correct ATEX fan selection provided they are supplied with an the accurate and responsibly determined gas and dust zone* that the fan will be operating within.

*Hazardous area classifications are required from the end user in accordance with UK legislation.

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With thousands of ATEX Fan references to choose from it’s better to send us an enquiry with all of your project information (some of it is required by law in a written enquiry before we can quote). From here we’ll take a look, get in touch if we need further information and then send you a quote for the most suitable ATEX fan. Use the ENQUIRE button below to send your information to our specialist team. 

ATEX Fan Construction Materials

Polypropylene ATEX Fans: Our corrosion resistant fans  manufactured from carbon loaded polypropylene plastic.

Metal ATEX Fans: Our EX rated ATEX fan range manufactured from a metal composition, are designed for any application in which there is potential for explosive gases being present in the environment or in the air stream.

Some common examples of potentially hazardous gases would be hydrogen fumes, chemical, oil & gas, methane gas or petro-chemical plants.

What is an ATEX Rated Fan?

ATEX rated fans are industrially constructed fans that can work in explosive atmospheres, hence their name. Their construction is designed in accordance with EU & UK legislation that ensures each part of the fan is manufactured with permissible materials to reduce ignition and the risk of explosion in a potentially hazardous environment.  These can be in an industrial, tertiary, or commercial environment. During the manufacture, treatment, transport and storage of flammable substances, gases, vapours or mists are produced or leaked into the environment. The combination of these emissions with the oxygen in the air leads to the creation of a potentially explosive atmosphere that can explode in the event of ignition. A wide range of explosive chemicals, gases and dusts determine the ATEX requirement of an area. Our team can advise on the best explosion proof fan solution to suit the application and atmosphere that you will be placing the fan into in accordance with independent DSEAR assessments.

Transporting air in explosive atmospheres safely involves using ATEX Casals fans. Our range of ATEX rated fans are available in a diverse range: wall-mounted or boxed axial, cased axial, medium pressure made of steel or plastic, high pressure, roof, medium pressure centrifugal, direct and belt driven, or polypropylene. There are as many options as possible installations.


Since the UK left the European Union, the product safety mark “CE” has been replaced with UKCA, meaning UK Conformity Assessed. One scope of this is the safety of equipment for potentially explosive environments so the term ATEX has set to be revoked in the UK market in favour of the closest alternative UKEX – this means a UK ATEX fans should have documentation that conforms and is granted a UKCA Ex certificate. So, if you see a request for a UKCA EX or UKEX fan, it’s simply a UK described ATEX fan that’s required for placement on the UK market supported by accompanying UKCA EX technical documentation. We’ll ensure your ATEX rated fan is always compliant with UK laws and supplied in accordance with the hazardous area classification you advise. We’ll provide the ATEX reference to show adherence to the legislation, for both the fan construction and the motor. 



Explosion Proof Fan Design


Compliance with the ATEX Directive

Since the ATEX Directive became enforceable, great importance is attached to defining the flameproof hazard. All decisions concerning specification of the correct fan type are now the responsibility of the end-user. The fan manufacturer must only supply product that is fully ATEX compliant i.e. the entire fan and motor assembly. All ATEX fan quotes will be supplied with core competency information such as ATEX warranty, ATEX guidance and proof that the fan quoted is suitable and certified for the requirement of the project based on the information provided from the customer. This ensures we supply the correct fan for your needs. In explosion proof environments, safety comes before the sale every time at Axair. We encourage all customers to check the datasheets provided at quote stage to ensure the fan is suitable for your requirements. For more information see the latest UK Legislation see Equipment & Protective Systems Intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres regulation 2016

ATEX Rated Fan Products Available

AAVA AAVC & AAVM High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Backward curved self-cleaning impeller designed to achieve high air pressure, ATEX versions

AATZA AATVP & AATVA High Pressure Belt Driven Fans

Belt driven straight blade and centrifugal impellers that achieve high air pressure, ATEX versions

HB Short Cased Axial Fans

Designed for industrial ventilation via wall or duct installation, ATEX versions

HH Long Cased Axial Fans

External rotor motor and variable pitch axial blades, ATEX versions

HM Long Cased Axial Fans

Reinforced powder coated steel casing with IP55 motor for inline installation

MA Medium Pressure Radial Fans

Straight radial blade impeller designed for solid material transport

MB Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Straight blade or backward curved impeller designed for material handling

MBZM Medium Pressure Radial Fans

Medium pressure with straight radial blade impellers designed for solid material transport including textiles.

MTRL Medium Pressure Belt Driven Fans

Belt driven fan with backward curved centrifugal impeller, ATEX versions

MTZM Medium Pressure Belt Driven Radial Fans

Belt driven centrifugal fans with straight blade impellers for material handling, ATEX versions.

NIMUS & NIMAX Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

NIMUS and NIMAX fans with air flows of up to 88,000m³ per hour and impeller sizes between 311mm and 1402mm.

ATEX Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Fans

ATEX S and ST polypropylene fans available in Zone II, explosion proof, category 3 G execution

HJBMX Plate Axial Fans

Wall mounted square plate axial fans with Variable pitch angle PAGAS impellers.

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