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ATEX Roof Fans

ATEX Roof Fans

Sparkproof Roof Fans with Vertical Discharge

ATEX roof fans are extraction fans to be installed on to commercial or industrial roofs. This type of fan can be adapted to any type of roof thanks to the adaptable bases on site that allow them to tilt in different positions. The objective of roof extractor fans is to keep buildings in healthy condition by extracting stale air and smoke, and keeping the temperature and humidity levels at the proper levels. In this way, a healthy indoor environment is achieved that benefits both the people who work or live in it, as well as the machinery and the building itself.

ATEX Roof Fans for High Efficiency Extraction

In partnership with Rosenberg and Casals, we offer a wide range of commercial and industrial roof fans in both axial and centrifugal configuration to suit required performance duties. ATEX certified roof fans offer ignition protection in zone 1 or 2 gas hazardous environments.

Extend the Life of Structural Elements by Preventing Condensation and Humidity

An adequate ventilation system in industrial buildings will considerably reduce cooling and heating expenditure. This type of system easily, continuously and effectively eliminates heat and humidity. Casals standard and smoke extraction roof fans can be adapted to any type of roof. A range of models offer versatility allowing you to select the perfect solution for each installation, thus optimising system operation.

Suitable Applications

Ventilation in indoor environments classified as ATEX. Specially designed for roof installation, they are suitable for:

• Smoke extraction.
• Smoke emergency exhaust with motor outside the hazardous area.
• Air renewal in buildings and industries.
• Industrial and professional kitchen hoods.
• Maximum continuous operation temperature: 110ºC (fluid).
• Maximum ambient temperature: 50ºC
We also have roof fans for smoke evacuation certified F400.

On Request

• 60Hz and special voltages.
• ATEX classification for other areas

ATEX Certifications

ATEX standard asynchronous motor. 

Zone 2 – Motor II3G Ex ec IIC T3 Gc
Zone 1 – Motor II2G Ex eb IIC T4 Gb