Old AHU Refurbishment with EC Fans V's New AHU Installs

Old buildings can often feature outdated and deteriorating ventilation systems that consume far too much energy, require maintenance that spans days causing uneccesary downtime and potentially loss of earnings, so how do you go about AHU refurbishment without causing issues for the contractor, installer or end user?

Option 1: Replace the Entire System with a New Aair Handling System v Option 2: Refurbishment of the Existing AHU to Bring up to Date.

The first opinion may be to replace the entire air handling unit, but often to refurbish ahu system components can prove beneficial beyond financial gain. This week we look at the advantages to refurbish AHU systems over replacing the entire air handling unit itself.

One major problem in favour of refurbishment is that of the existing air handling unit system. Ductwork and max air volume delivery are often governed by the existing ventilation system, so the new one must comply with these specifications. The costs involved with modifying the services, ducting and steel work can be significant. Refurbishing the components is a practical alternative that reduces all of these changes. The cost of refurbishing an ahu is around 35-50% less than the replacement of the entire system. When checked for problems and diagnostics, the component parts are easily installed and transported to the site without the need for cranes and building shut downs. As component installation is less inconvenient than a whole system replacement, it means less disruption to client operations. With businesses wanting less operation downtime, the procedure saves both time and money. Refurbishment is also much faster than replacing the whole system.

AHU Refurbishment


Updating components within an existing AHU also gives the opportunity for owners to update the specification of the system. Energy efficient components such as industrial fans and speed controls can contribute to improved profit margins. All centrifugal or axial fans can be replaced but for the latest EC fans suitable, we suggest you contact us on 01782 349 430 to discuss which type of plug fan, along with the best fan configuration will guarantee your refurbished AHU retrofit system outperforms the existing large fan it had before.

By replacing old belt driven forward curved centrifugal fans with new EC plug fans such as the E Wheel GKHM range, can use 15-20% less energy. Here at Axair Fans, our energy efficient range of plug fans can be arranged as either free running impellers or modular plug fan configurations. Arranged in a plenum, our EC backward curved fans provide superior performance and reliability in commercial or industrial air handling and pressurised applications. Benefits include compact sizes, flexibility and an economical price range.

In collaboration with our manufacturing partners Rosenberg Ventilation, we can upgrade old belt driven systems to energy efficient, flexible and compact multiple fan array systems, or simply replace with a few EC fans.