Fans for Spray Booth Extracts

As a supplier of fans for spray booth extract and supply air, we're familiar with providing key information about possible solutions to fume extraction and overspray.


Manufacturers of spray booths need to ensure that they have effective ventilation for two main reasons;

  • to protect spray booth operators by extracting paint fumes
  • to ensure the best paint finish possible by removing excess particles of the paint over spray

When choosing the right impeller for your industrial spray booth there are a few things to consider that can assist with ensuring you get the best performance, one of these is airflow style. Airflow style and the type of spray booth chosen in automotive, aerospace or industrial paint booths can impact every aspect of the units operation. During the spray process, paint particles are released into the atmosphere through the spray nozzle which increases the release of potentially hazardous vapours and paint particles. Professional spray paints and lacquers often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are emitted as gases. Volatile organic compounds are made up of a variety of chemicals, some of which can have adverse health effects. Effective ventilation should be used continuously throughout the paint process to exhaust toxic fumes away from the working area and in some cases potential ignition sources to keep concentrations of flammable vapours low. Supply air systems incorporate filters to ensure that dust and particles are not forced into the booth which may embed within the new paintwork. When designing and building spray booths, manufacturers need to maximise the working space available and design the ducting in a compact area whilst delivering the required ventilation.


Impeller Solutions for Spray Booth Extracts

Axair Fans offer our range of Rosenberg aluminium backward curved impellers and keep stock of popular sizes from 355mmØ up to 800mmØ so that we can meet the demands of the spray booth industry. When the spray booth is being designed there is a high level of flexibility as the customer is able to specify a larger or smaller backward curved wheel to suit the application.  Operators in spray booth and refinishing markets require flexibility when constructing booths in terms of construction, air flow and the lead times of impellers. By having the Rosenberg R63 LRHF impeller either in stock or on a short lead time the customer is able to manage their build schedules without having to worry about lead times slipping and build times becoming unmanageable. Customers can source their own motors when required, meaning better build schedule management. In addition to this preferred major manufacturer method of spray booth extract, you could choose to provide basic ventilation using a cased or plate axial fan. We can also supply this type of industrial fan based on your personal preference. If you need any further information about spray booth extraction or any other applications contact us.

Download the Backward Curved Impeller brochure.