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seatS.E.A.T. is the leading French manufacturer of plastic fans and has more than 30 years experience in this specialist field. The company, based in Montfermeil, Paris, is an independent business.

The fans manufactured by S.E.A.T. are principally designed to extract corrosive fumes from laboratory fume cupboards, but are also applied to general industrial fume handling. Range products include SEAT, STORM, and JET fans

Special designs have been introduced for ventilating chemical storage cabinets, local extraction arms, and odour control (filtration) systems.

Corrosion resistance is achieved by moulding single inlet centrifugal fans in polypropylene, as this plastic material will withstand the widest range of chemicals.

The fundamental characteristics of the range are:

  • direct drive impeller
  • moulded polypropylene construction
  • air flow rates to 10000m³/h free inlet and discharge
  • motors in 2750, 1450, 960/min. asynchronous motor speeds
  • motors of IP54/55 standard type, or any Ex flameproof category
  • discharge adjustable in a minimum of 8 angles
  • rotational direction can generally be specified for ‘S’ range
  • inlet and discharge spigots in Ø75, 90, 125, 160, 200, 250 and 315
  • motor pedestals for indoor, or weather-protected outdoor purposes
  • wide range of proven accessories for best installation practise

In addition to fans, S.E.A.T. also manufacture air speed alarm and continuous monitoring units for attachment to fume cupboard service panels. A version of the alarm/monitor is available to maintain constant air speed regardless of the height of the fume cupboard sash. For further information see Fume Cupboard Alarms

All S.E.A.T. products are manufactured within an ISO 9002 quality control system, airflow tested to ISO 5801 and balanced to ISO 1940 standard G6,3.

In addition to European and other metric markets, S.E.A.T. also produce for the U.S.A. with special inlet and discharge spigots to suit standard inch dimensioned ductwork.

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