etriEtri was established over 50 years ago to manufacture small sizes of cooling fan. The company now has production sites in both France and Tunisia, and was acquired by Group Rosenberg in 2002 to operate within the Ecofit division.

The range manufactured by Etri is designed for applications that demand exceptional reliability whilst delivering high performance within compact dimensions.

Typical applications would fall within aerospace, military and special commercial fields where shock, vibration, high and low temperatures, humidity, and salt spray require special fan constructions.

The Etri product range encompasses:

  • ac axial fans
  • dc (electronically commutated) axial fans
  • 400Hz military spec. fans
  • ac high performance fans
  • dc high performance fans
  • dc backward-curved fans
  • ac single inlet centrifugal fans
  • dc single inlet centrifugal fans

Optional features include speed sensing, speed control, temperature sensing and alarms.

Etri fans are produced within an ISO 9002 quality control system and carry UL, CUL recognition and VDE approval.

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