ETRI Fans & Specialised Fan Products

ETRI Fans & Specialised Fan Products

Specially Designed Fans of Innovation, Demand and Precision for Special Applications

The ETRI range of specialised fan products are designed for duties that would be beyond the capacity of industry standard products in terms of endurance, dimensional restraint or special features.

Over 7000 variants exist for a wide range of supply voltages and frequencies. Fans of the required quality demand design innovation, exotic materials, and precision manufacturing techniques to achieve close tolerances and high MTBF.

Most products carry UL, CSA, and VDE recognition, and comply with European Directives concerning EMI and electrical safety standards.

A specialised range of industrial fans designed

Ideal for Special Electrical Supplies or Difficult Environments

The ETRI range of specialist fans, designed to achieve close tolerances and high MTBF, are suitable for industrial systems that operate in difficult environments and require special electrical supplies or enhanced ingress protection.

Covers a Wide Range of Supply Voltages and Frequencies

With over 7000 fan variants, ETRI fans cover a wide range of supply voltages and frequencies. They are suitable for a range of applications including navigation and air conditioning systems, often found in military vehicles, on-board ships and aircraft, including helicopters.

Available Fan Types

Discuss your fan requirements with a member of our technical team. We are here to support you with selecting the correct fan for your application.

Suitable Applications

• Cooling of defence electronics
• Navigation and air conditioning systems
• Traction equipment calling for rail standards
• Special electrical supplies
• Resistance to shock loads and vibration
• High humidity
• Harsh environments
• Enhanced ingress protection
• Commercial electronic cooling requiring maximum performance
• Telecom cabinet cooling with 24V and 48Vdc supplies
• Air filtration equipment for nuclear shelters