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High Temperature Fans

High temperature fans are available within our industrial fan range, we recommend the CLIBOS-TR series, MBRC series and the MBC series for use within industrial applications. These medium pressure high temperature fans can function with a carried air temperature of up to 350°C with additional options available on request such as 60 Hz versions, 2-speed motors and varying orientations: LG0, LG90, LG180.

CLIBOS-TR Series - High Temperature Fans - Belt Driven Backward Curved Impeller

The CLIBOS-TR range from supply partner, Casals, is a centrifugal backward curved fan designed for the recirculation of very high temperature gases up to 350°C. It is a belt driven medium pressure plug fan that offers a number of beneficial design features.


  • Insulated casing made of carbon laminated steel, protected against corrosion with black heat-resistant paint coating: finish C4
  • Thermal insulation with high density rock wool, 90Kg/m3, thickness 150mm and 200mm
  • Self-cleaning and reinforced impeller with high-performance backward (reaction) blades made of carbon laminated steel dynamically balanced to minimise noise and vibrations, black colour heat-resistant painting
  • Transmission assembly with protections according to ISO 13857
  • IE3 motor for continuous operation (S1). Squirrel cage standardised asynchronous IEC motor with IP-55 protection and class F electrical insulation. Standard voltages 230 / 400V 50 or 60Hz for three-phase motors up to 4kW and 400 / 690V 50 or 60Hz for higher powers
  • Motor support (B3) on a bench
  • Maximum continuous working environment temperature 60ºC
  • Suitable for transferring gases from -40ºC to 350ºC continuously
Clibos Casals High Temperature Fans


Among the advantages offered by CLIBOS-TR are:

  • a compact size, designed to take up as little space as possible
  • easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • high efficiency impeller (static efficiency of 74%)
  • robustness and longevity ideal for heavy duty applications
  • high efficiency belt without maintenance
  • heavy duty bearings
  • wide range of sizes from Ø310 to 800 to suit an array of applications

High Temperature Fans Applications

  • Ovens
  • Boilers
  • Paint booths
  • Incinerators and burners
  • Melting furnaces
  • Drying of tobacco, barley, ceramics, glass and wood
  • Insulated thermal cameras subjected to temperature control

Read more about the CLIBOS-TR here.

ModelSizeOperating Temperature (air)Operating Temperature (environment)Request a Quote
CLIBOS-TRØ310 to 800-40ºC to 350ºC60ºC max.

MBC Series - High Temperature Fans - Forward Curved Impeller

The MBC series is manufactured in reinforced rolling steel sheet housing, completely welded (internally and externally) with an epoxy powder finishing coat. MBC’s are single inlet forward curved impellers made of galvanised sheet. The range features a standard asynchronous squirrel-cage motor with an ingress protection rating of 55 (IP55) as well as rated F class insulation. It has standard voltages 230V, 50/Hz for single phase motors, 230/400V, 50Hz for three phase and motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50 Hz for higher powers. The standard orientation of the MBC range is LG270. The maximum working temperature of the MBC is 250°C of carried air and ambient air is for single phase 50°C and 60°C for three phase. The range is fully ErP compliant and has a large range of accessories suitable for use with the MBC range.


The MBC series of high temperature fans have been designed for inline installation and suitable for hot air exhaust in ovens or facilities with high temperatures and clean air transport.

High Temperature Fans MBC
ModelPhasePolesCodeRPMRated I (A) 230VRated I (A) 400VRated Power kWAirflow m3/hSound dB(A)WeightRequest a Quote
MBC 25/10 M4 1,1 kWSingle225331014314007,451,12.5306063
MBC 25/10 M5 0,55kWSingle62533001438903,90,551.6705661
MBC 28/11 M6 0,75kWSingle62533801439004,90,752.3005867
MBC 25/10 T2 2,2kWThree225328014628004,582,22.5506465
MBC 25/10 T2 3kWThree225329014628705,9233.7006566
MBC 28/11 T2 4kWThree225336014628907,6343.8006866
MBC 25/10 T4 1,1kWThree425331014614002,491,12.5306065
MBC 28/11 T4 2,2kWThree425337014614304,642,23.49064710
MBC 31/12 T4 3kWThree425346014614306,1736.1606872
MBC 35/14 T4 3kWThree425348014614306,1736.5007275
MBC 35/14 T4 5,5kWThree4253490146144010,55,58.2907378
MBC 40/16 T4 5,5kWThree4253510146144010,55,59.0007587
MBC 40/16 T4 7,5kWThree4253520146144014,17,511.5007789
MBC 45/18 T4 5,5kWThree4253530146144010,55,58.5007991
MBC 45/18 T4 7,5kWThree4253540146144014,17,59.5008093
MBC 25/10 T6 0,55kWThree62533001469001,80,551.6705663
MBC 28.11 T6 0,75kWThree62533801469101,950,752.3005869
MBC 31/12 T6 1,5kWThree62534301469403,711,54.0606371
MBC 35/14 T6 1,5 kWThree62534701469403,711,55.1706777
MBC 40/16 T6 2,2 kWThree62535001469405,942,27.1507186
MBC 45/18 T6 2,2kWThree62535601469405,942,26.8007590

MBRC High Temperature Fans - Backward Curved Impeller

The MBRC features a backward curved impeller. It has a reinforced rolling steel sheet housing completely welded (internally and externally) with an epoxy powder finishing coat. It features a standard asynchronous squirrel-cage motor with class F insulation and IP55. Its voltages are the same as the MBC series. The MBRC is ErP exempt therefore does not need to comply with ERP regulations.  The maximum working temperature of the MBRC range is 250°C of carried air and ambient air is for single phase 50°C and 60°C for three phase. Accessories are also available.


The MBRC has been designed for inline installation and suitable for applications such as hot air exhaust in ovens or facilities with high temperatures, industrial applications such as extraction or injection of air and clean and slightly dusty air transport.

High Temperature fans MBRC
ModelPhasePolesCodeRPMRated I (A) 230VRated I (A) 400VRated Power kWAirflow m3/hSound dB(A)WeightRequest a Quote
MBRC 40-12 M4 0,75kMSingle424340014314005,210,755.6405971
MBRC 45/14 M4 1,1kWSingle424345014314007,451,17.0006290
MBRC 50/16 M4 1,5kWSingle424351014314009,831,59.50064116
MBRC 50/16 M6 0,75kW Single62435001439004,90,757010054116
MBRC 31/10 T2 1,1kWThree22433101628002,331,14.8006842
MBRC 35/11 T2 2,2kWThree224335014628004,582,26.6607155
MBRC 40/12 T2 3kWThree224341014628705,9238.5007498
MBRC 40/12 T4 0,75kWThree424340014613901,630,755.6405971
MBRC 45/14 T4 1,1kWThree424345014614002,491,17.0006290
MBRC 50/16 T4 1,5kWThree424351014614003,261,59.50064116
MBRC 56/18 T4 3kWThree424357014614306,17313.50070150
MBRC 63/20 T4 5,5kWThree4243650146144010,55,519.00071220
MBRC 71/22 T4 7,5kWThree4243730146144014,17,525.50077316
MBRC 50/16 T6 0,75kWThree62435001469101,950,757.10054116
MBRC 56/18 T6 1,5kWThree62435601469403,711,59.50061142
MBRC 63/20 T6 1,1kWThree62436401469403,711,512.00062208
MBRC 71/22 T6 3kWThree62437201469607,3317.00068294


High temperature Fans

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