ATEX Stainless Steel Fans

ATEX Stainless Steel Fans

Bespoke Stainless Steel Fans to Zone 1 & 2

For stainless steel manufactured centrifugal fans, we can produce almost all of our medium and high pressure industrial fans bespoke in SS

Customers can choose to have only the internal components in stainless steel – ideal when only the parts exposed to the carried corrosive air are in the airstream, or you could choose to have the entire fan, the casing and internal parts, manufactured from stainless steel, ideal when the outer parts of the fan will be situated in the corrosive air.

We offer a standard or electropolished finish on all of our 304 or 316 stainless steel industrial fans for use in corrosive air or food processing applications.

We currently offer some of the most competitive lead times in the UK market even on bespoke industrial fan projects.

Contact our team on 01782 349 430, email [email protected] or talk to AJ our technical director on the chat in the left hand corner of the screen. 

Whatever the application, our 304 stainless-steel corrosive resistant fans are suitable for high operating temperatures, contaminants, or chemicals and even zone 1 ATEX variants for explosive atmospheres. We’ll always ensure we provide you with a fan in the most suitable construction materials. Learn more about enhanced paint protection coatings here. Our ATEX fans are suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 applications inline with the current ATEX Directive and as dictated in the legislation, fan selections will be made in line with DSEAR inspection ATEX gas and dust zones and temperature ratings based on the end user’s specification.

Stainless steel boasts many useful properties, such as its hygienic and easy to clean composition which makes it perfect for ventilating food processing areas. ATEX variants should be used if combustible food materials like flour and starch are being processed to prevent the potential for future explosions.

Our stainless steel fans can also be used to reduce the water volume of food in a drying process, for example, dried fruit production. Equally, they can be used to extract cooking fumes from industrial kitchens and draw out heat where food lines and conveyors need to be cooled. As with all of our industrial fans, special coatings are also available for marine and offshore environments. Talk to one of our industrial fan experts to discuss your requirements.

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