Better Fan Efficiency - The New Ecofit V8 Motor

Axair Fans are excited to introduce the latest addition to our EC Technology product range. The high power Ecofit EC motor known in the industry as the “V8 motor” is a new external rotor motor with input power up to 300Watts manufactured by our innovative and reputable supplier partner Ecofit. For our existing customers, the V8 Ecofit motor replaces the L4 motor, with the advantage of higher power at a lower speed enabling a better overall efficiency. Previously the external rotor motor collection consisted of the G9 with input power to 150Watts, and L4 models enabling a motor power rating up to 250Watts. The new addition increases the options available from the Ecofit range to 300Watts with the added built in feature that enables our customers to maintain constant pressure and constant volume depending on individual project requirements. Larger motor requirements will continue to be offered from our Rosenberg range of high power motors across the axial and centrifugal fans range.

Ecofit energy saving EC motors are developed and manufactured in the company’s modern facility in Vendome, France. Through the combination of know-how and innovative manufacturing technology from Ecofit, Axair Fans offer our client products that meet the highest standards of quality and those that are fit for purpose for the application in question. As with the majority of Axair’s product range, the V8 motor surpasses ERP requirements and with immediate effect the Ecofit V8 external rotor motor will now be added to the specification build of backward curved impellers, forward curved single inlet fans up to 200mm diameter and forward curved double inlet fans to 180mm, both with the option of specific software coding to monitor constant pressure and constant airflow without the need for an additional sensor or control. The inclusion of this build in software offers a method of detecting fan failure monitoring in many H&V applications including fan coil units. With this on board system, Building management systems can constantly monitor air handling systems that are on a network and prevent the inconvenience of poor and non-existent flow within a system ducting. For more information contact us on 01782 349 430, email [email protected] or drop us a message on the website chat.