Noise Optimised Fans for Fan Coil Units

Vibration induced noise can be a major problem in fan coil installations. It originates within the motorised impeller unit and cannot be entirely eliminated until new technology invents an induction motor that is free of electromagnetic vibration and an impeller that is perfectly balanced. Ecofit believe they have gone a long way towards solving the problem by introducing double inlet centrifugal fans that incorporate anti-vibration mountings between the fixed shaft and the scroll mounting arms. The fans, prefixed ‘GDS’, therefore achieve substantial isolation of the motor and scroll, making it very difficult for vibration to transmit to the fan coil housing and its supporting structure. The mounting arms house the anti-vibration mountings at their hub and are moulded in a rigid plastic, which in itself assists the quality of isolation. The GDS range is available in a choice of 2 pole or 4 pole motor drive. The 2 pole models can be supplied in Ø120 or Ø133 impeller and vary in air flow rate to 765m³/h. The 4 pole types have Ø133, Ø146 and Ø160 impellers and can achieve up to 870m³/h when free blowing.

External rotor motors drive all Ecofit products, including ‘GDS’ fans, as can be seen in the sectional view. This construction holds many advantages for the fan, and fan coil manufacturer, which include exceptional self-cooling characteristics, variable voltage speed control over a wide range, and a motor that does not obstruct and reduce fan performance. In fact, the side containing the twin ball bearing arrangement is specially profiled to optimise the passage of air from inlet to impeller blade. The motor is ingress protected to IP44 standard and overheat protected by means of a self-resetting thermo-contact. All surfaces in contact with the airstream are corrosion protected including a galvanised impeller finish.