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Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans - Double inlet - external rotor motor


External rotor motors are usually contained within the width of the fan housing, thus saving the space normally occupied by a standard motor. They are located in the air stream, so temperature is limited, and are generally of protection class IP44, so the air needs to be clean and dry to avoid motor contamination. Some of the smaller double inlet fans are IP54 protected to enhance the dust protection, and are resilient mounted at each shaft end to reduce the transmission of vibration.

Low cost speed control is possible by supply voltage variation, either by electronic (triac) method or by transformer. Detachable discharge flanges enable 'without flange' or special mounting arrangements to be specified.


Air filtration, fume control, heating and cooling coils, small air handling units, solarium equipment, special effects equipment, electronic heatsink cooling.

Technical Specification

Specification Description
Motor Type External rotor motor, in the airstream

Single and three phase models

Protection IP44 and IP54

Forward and backward curved models


Efficient, low power consumption motor Low cost speed control Slim and standard scroll housings


Discharge flange or scroll brackets

Pressure Medium
Speed Control Voltage variation

Ø120 to 560 impeller

Flow rate

26000m³/h range maximum


1300 Pascals range maximum