Non-Corrosive Polypropylene Chemical Resistance

Polypropylene plastic fans manufactured by our principal manufacturing partner SEAT, are specifically designed to work in areas with, and provide protection against, corrosive substances in harsh environments. The molecular structure of polypropylene is very compact and in order, it remains solid up to a certain amount of heat, resulting in a strong and durable material that has a high resistance to many aggressive chemicals. The resistance to chemicals can vary at different concentrations and with rising temperatures. At room temperature, polypropylene is resistant to most organic solvents, fats and many non-oxidising acids and bases. However, in temperatures rising above 60 degrees, its chemical resistance to certain substances can decrease.

It is important to consider which type of material is best suited to a corrosive application. Stainless steel fans with a marine grade finish have added corrosion protection and could be a more suitable option in applications that utilise oxidising chemicals especially as strong oxidising chemicals may cause damage to polypropylene. By talking to a specialist fan supplier, they will consider environmental factors to determine the material type that offers the most suitable characteristics.

Ventilation systems in corrosive atmospheres must ensure a safe operation to transport airborne chemicals, reduce rust and corrosion of equipment situated in corrosive air, and to eliminate chemical exposure to the people in the building. For example, the use of highly toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde within mortuary facilities must be closely monitored to ensure the exposure limit is kept to its minimum safety guideline. Installing the correct fan is vital for achieving optimal system effectiveness, and compliance with safety regulations.

Examples of polypropylene chemical resistance can be seen in the table below. If you require more information on our polypropylene fan range or its resistance to specific substances, our team of engineers can support you with selecting the correct fan for your project.

With over 30 years' experience, Axair work with manufacturers and contractors on a range of projects that require the safe removal of hazardous fumes. Common applications where our corrosion resistant fume fans are required for the removal of toxic fumes include mortuary and autopsy rooms, chemical storage units and dosing sheds, wastewater treatment facilities and swimming pools.

We offer a comprehensive range of polypropylene fans available in 10 sizes, download the brochure below for more information. For further technical support speak to one of our engineers on the live web chat or call us on 01782 349 430.