Swimming Pool Extraction Fans: Corrosion Resistance

swimming pool extraction ventilationChlorine is widely used to treat water for swimming pools in leisure centres and domestic pools. When extracting chlorine fumes from areas such as plant rooms and storage cupboards after dosing, the air may be corrosive. If this is the case, it will need to be extracted via a polypropylene fan and plastic ductwork as metal systems would corrode over time.

ATEX Requirements

Chlorine has the potential to become explosive when mixed with certain other chemicals. Therefore, the swimming pool extraction system may need to be ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) rated. It is recommended that advice should be taken from an ATEX expert regarding zoning certain areas and which components need to be ATEX certified.

Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene

Axair’s range of polypropylene fans are suitable for extracting from swimming pool plant rooms and chemical storage cupboards. We can offer single inlet centrifugal fans in standard versions and variants that are suitable for ATEX Zone 2 (to find out more about ATEX zones, visit our ATEX information page). Single inlet centrifugal fans are suitable for extracting air through ductwork and other equipment that may generate a resistance. Furthermore, the polypropylene range of fans can be floor or wall mounted with spigot inlet and discharge, making duct connections easy using our flexible connectors or flanges.

We have polypropylene fans to move air from less than 50m/h to over 10,000m³/h with many accessories to make for easy installation. They can also be supplied with a range of inverters for speed control and energy saving.

Extraction from the pool area has different requirements as the air volume to extract from the area may be considerably larger, depending in the size of the pool area. The air from this area may still be corrosive and require a specialist fan. Contact us with the details and we will offer a fan from one of our higher capacity ranges.

To select the correct swimming pool extraction fan for your requirements, we will need to know if your installation is going to be moving corrosive air and if the components needs to be ATEX certified. Call our team on 01782 349 430 to discuss your application or email sales@axair-fans.co.uk.

Download the fume extraction brochure for technical details

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