ST High Pressure Polypropylene Fans

ST High Pressure Polypropylene Fans

The STORM ‘ST’ range fume extraction fans from SEAT Ventilation are designed to provide a relatively low air flow rate against elevated system pressures; typical applications being air filtration, local extraction arms, fume scrubbers and chemical stores.

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Available in various handing and orientations on air inlet and can be mounted on a metal pedestal or a weather protecting box pedestal.

ATEX approved versions for hazardous substances to Zone 2 are available on request, view ATEX range here. ATEX rated fans

Medium Pressure Application?
View our S range of Plastic Extract Fans. 

Sample Technical Data: ST High Pressure Polypropylene Fans

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Model & Datasheet
V (1Ph)
A (Full load 1Ph)
A (Start 1Ph)
V (3Ph)
A (Full Load 3Ph)
A (Start 3Ph)
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ST10/2 2870 0,12 56-2 230 1,4 2 400 0,5 6
ST10/4 1450 0,09 56-4 230 1,0 1,5 400 0,5 1
ST12/2 2870 0,37 71-2 230 2,8 7 400 1,5 6
ST12/4 1450 0,25 71-4 230 2,0 5 400 1 5
ST14/2 2870 1,10 80-2 230 7,0 19 400 2,5 14
ST16/2 2870 2,20 90L-2 230 14,6 63 400 5 34
ST18 2870 7,5 400 14,3 132

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