UNOBOX : Simple design, efficient solution

Axair Fans UK has launched the Rosenberg range of square duct fans UNOBOX. The main attraction is the removable panels so the discharge is possible in many different directions, to allow flexible installation in tight spaces or awkward configurations.

It is very simple concept, fitting a backward curved centrifugal motorised impeller into a cube-shaped fan box, which can be fitted in any mounting position.

The backward curved impellers are all powered by Rosenberg external rotor motors, and are fitted with state of the art, high efficiency impellers.

The casings are composed of an aluminium frame with die-cast corners, and galvanized steel insulated panels.

The fibre glass insulation combined with the double skinned panels, allow lower noise level, better temperature insulation and low condensation inside the unit.

UNOBOX are ideal for air supply or extraction of slightly contaminated air, such as in commercial and industrial application. UNOBOX may be used for kitchen ventilation and extraction within a maximum temperature 55°C. For higher temperature handling (up to 110°C), UNOBOX-ME, with the motor outside the air stream is available.

UNOBOX are available in 4 different sizes : 500mm³, 670mm³, 800mm³ and 1020mm³. Combined with 7 Impellers sizes (from Ø355 to 710), the range offers 15 different models in either single or three phase.

A wide range of accessories is available, including speed controllers, flexible connectors, side or access panels, dampers, covers, cowlings and finger guards. Axair keep stock of the most popular versions, and non standard can be delivered from the factory within short lead times.

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