Thinking Inside the Box

Ecofit Ø 250mm fanOff-the-shelf solutions are often subject to limitations. Our customers regularly require customised solutions involving bespoke products, configurations and combinations. Recently, we were approached by a customer with a requirement to cool an enclosure cabinet with a maximum operating temperature of 68°C. Standard fan filter units struggle at temperatures above 55°C.

Our customer specified that the cabinet must remain negatively pressurised; therefore reversing their existing system was not an option. As an alternative solution we designed a custom system using an Ecofit Ø 250mm fan combined with Fandis filter units.

The Ecofit model has a maximum operating temperature of 70°C and was fitted so that the air was drawn out of the top cabinet. This enabled cool ambient air to be drawn in, thus providing the most thermally efficient airflow. The IP54 Fandis filters ensured that no dust or airborne debris was able to enter the cabinet.

This is just one example of Axair’s flexibility and our commitment to finding the right solution. For more information on high temperature fans and fan filter units, contact the Axair team today.


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