Rolling Into 2016 In Style…

Hangar 111 are a specialist for Lotus cars, providing tuning parts for road, track and Motorsport. With an increasing number of years in successful Lotus driving behind them, Hangar 111 put their knowledge, skills and experience into building and supporting Lotus cars for competitive Motorsport, having achieved numerous podium successes for their customers.

As part of the improved Hangar service, an in-house rolling road chassis dynamometer was recently introduced to measure the power of the vehicle and can give an accurate data capture of horsepower delivered to the wheels of the vehicle, torque, emissions and pressures.

The main components of any Rolling Road consist of two free running rollers that the driving wheels sit on, along with a host of electrical equipment to give the horsepower reading. The car is then started and put through the gears with the power from the wheels turning the rollers.

Through the tests, the car develops maximum power generating a lot of heat. To stimulate free air and also to facilitate the cooling of the car engine and radiator when the engine is working hard, Axair was asked to provide the right cooling solution for the job. Axair Fans selected an 800mm diameter, HCT long cased axial fan from Sodeca which would be placed directly in front of the car to produce a laminar flow of air over the cars radiator and engine. An additional four 630mm axial fans were installed into the roof space for the supply and extract ventilation to ensure the consistent directional flow of air in the test space.

We wish Hangar a Very Happy New Year and hope that the new introduction of the Rolling Road service will be a huge success; we certainly know that there will be a lot of happy Lotus drivers in 2016….

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